AirPods Black Friday 2022 deals: What to expect in the sale


If you’re thinking of looking for the best Black Friday AirPods deals this year before buying a pair of popular headphones from Apple, you won’t be alone: ​​AirPods were the world’s second most searched product during Black Friday sales. from last year.

That’s according to data from a report by data scientist Statista, which also found Airpods Pro to be the eighth most searched product. We’re confident that both models will be hugely popular again this year, and the good news is that you might not have to wait until Black Friday for a decent AirPods deal.

We expect the holiday sale season to start well before the official Black Friday date of November 25 – chances are you’ll find a discount on the model you want in October or early November that will reach the price you want.

In the past, Apple products didn’t really show up among the usual collection of Black Friday deals, but in recent years that’s started to change, and AirPods have been a big part of that – they’re one of the Apple products we see on sale most often, including Black Friday.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what kind of deals our experts are predicting on all the best AirPods models, including the cheaper 3rd Gen AirPods, AirPods Max, and 2nd Gen AirPods.

We’ll tell you right now that you shouldn’t expect many miracle discounts on the brand new AirPods Pro 2… but the release of the new Pros could mean that the original AirPods Pro (2019) will be one of the offers of the year. We explain it all to you below.

Today’s best AirPods sales

You won’t find “official” Black Friday AirPods deals until November, but there are regular cheap AirPods deals, and we’re expecting a steady stream of discounts throughout October and November. So keep an eye out – it pays to browse even outside of flashy events.

AirPods sales in the United States

UK AirPods sales

Should you wait for a Black Friday AirPods deal?

It’s now common for AirPods to be discounted over Black Friday, but they don’t tend to be the “40% off!!” kind of thing. offers you may find on certain products. They tend me more in the 20% region…and they’re not exclusive to Black Friday. It is very likely that the price will drop at one retailer in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, other retailers will drop prices accordingly, and this will continue until stocks run low or the sale ends.

Last year we saw very few new deals launched on Black Friday itself – the best ones were already live. Our advice is therefore not to wait until November 25th.

If you see the AirPods model you want at a price that works for you in the weeks to come, grab it, be happy with it, and if you find it Is drop another $10/£10 a few weeks later, don’t worry – you were happy with the deal at the time, weren’t you? Either way, we’ll be here to tell you which Black Friday Airpods deals are worth picking up and which are worth sticking around for a bit longer.

Black Friday AirPods deals: our predictions

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When will the best Black Friday AirPods deals start in 2022?

While Black Friday is officially November 25 this year, you can expect a much longer and looser than normal holiday sales season this year. This is partly due to fears of inflation, rising prices and the cost of living crisis: we expect more people to want to spread out their spending; and, also, for retailers to want to run the sales period as long as possible.

So you should start keeping an eye out for AirPods deals from mid-October onwards – there’s likely to be a series of crossover retailer sales events in October and November.

Last year followed some of this pattern: most of the best Black Friday AirPods deals launched a week or two earlier and just continued throughout the day. We think you will see the price go up and down several times before you get to the end of November.

Where will the best Black Friday AirPods deals be?

We’ll bring you all the best Black Friday AirPods deals here when the time comes, naturally, finding the lowest prices at all the best retailers.

In the US, third-party sites like Amazon and Walmart are likely to offer the best discounts: both regularly offer record prices on Apple’s line of headphones. In the UK it’s the same sort of thing – sites like Amazon and Currys always have the best AirPods deals for Black Friday.

Although the Apple Store doesn’t offer direct Apple Black Friday deals, the tech giant has been known to offer gift cards and freebies when you purchase certain devices.

often has the lowest prices (opens in a new tab)
Walmart: excellent stock levels and will match prices (opens in a new tab)
Best Buy: gives you free Apple subscriptions (opens in a new tab)
BH Photo Video: good discounts but limited stock (opens in a new tab)

Amazon UK:
try first for the biggest deals (opens in a new tab)
Curry: free gifts and great trade-in offers (opens in a new tab)
John Lewis: get Apple Music free for six months (opens in a new tab) matches prices from other retailers (opens in a new tab)

How good will this year’s Black Friday AirPods deals be?

AirPods aren’t the kind of product that gets 50% or more off, as we’ve already mentioned – but we expect a couple of models to hit record prices on Black Friday this year, likely in beating the old record low by about another 10%, rather than huge price swings. But remember, we mean an extra 10% on top of the already discounted prices we’ve seen in the past, so we’re talking real savings over the original price.

What AirPods Black Friday deals are we expecting in 2022?

Let’s start with AirPods Pro here. Apple has said it’s the most popular AirPod model, and we’ve seen the pros be huge hits over the past few Black Fridays – and this year they could be an even bigger hit, because a new version has been released.

Don’t expect the AirPods Pro 2 to get big deals because they’re so new – you might find some enthusiast stores offering $10 or $20 off to entice people to click on them, but we don’t. wouldn’t expect much more than this.

The original AirPods Pro (2019) could see some big moves though. There’s still plenty of stock, but they’ve been officially discontinued by Apple, and that stock is only just taking up space – we’ve seen them hit around $189 / £179 at their lows before, so we’re expecting another $20/£20 off. Maybe more, but that will depend on how quickly they empty the shelves.

If you want the biggest savings on a pair of AirPods, it will be AirPods Max. It’s been possible to find them quite often with discounts of $100/£100, and in the UK they’ve even had up to £150 off. This year we’d be looking for that again – maybe even a bit more, although we wouldn’t bet on it too much.

The 3rd Gen AirPods haven’t seen many deep discounts since they were released last year, so this could be Black Friday where they get more than around $20 / £20 off, which is the most we can. have really seen. However, that would still make them around $150 / £150, which we hope the original AirPods Pro could fall to. Older Pros are always better overall, so in terms of value, these AirPods may have a tough Black Friday.

Finally, the cheapest AirPods, the 2019 AirPods 2nd Gen version, regularly cost around $99/£99. We’d be surprised to see a widespread drop below $89/£89 – perhaps they could hit the region of £79/$79, which would be their lowest price ever.

The best AirPods Black Friday deals from last year

A good way to get an idea of ​​what this year’s Black Friday Airpods deals might look like is to take a look at the ones from last year. Walmart kicked off its Black Friday sale with an incredible deal on the AirPods Pro, which brought them down to their lowest price ever. Costing $249 at launch, the retailer has slashed the price of Apple’s noise-canceling headphones to just $159.99 – and you can also get the AirPods Pro at their lowest price in the UK.

We also saw the new AirPods 3 drop to their lowest price in the US, while prices for Apple AirPods Max – the brand’s first over-ear headphones – fell to an all-time low in the US, and near their lowest price in Britain.

How can I get the best AirPods Black Friday deals?

1. Don’t buy directly from Apple to save money

The only place where you absolutely won’t find any price reduction on AirPods comes from Apple itself. It never does direct discounts on its products, and its own Black Friday deals usually involve gift cards or a free period of something like Apple Music. If you’re buying from Apple, you’ll pay top dollar – so look to other retailers if it’s a direct saving you want.

2. Older models are eligible for discounts

We’ve already hinted at this above, but the biggest discounts are likely to be on the original AirPods Pro, AirPods 2nd Gen, or AirPods Max, as these are the older models. While the brand new AirPods Pro 2 are unlikely to get much money, and the 3rd generation AirPods will likely see fewer discounts at just a year old.

3. Be sure to check before buying

This is basic advice, but it’s still important. If you see AirPods at the price you want and you’re ready to buy, take a moment to check out the other major retailers, because you never know: they may have decided to undercut the offer you saw with an additional $/£10 10% discount.


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