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Looking for a Los Angeles classic that takes you beyond the average museum day? A ticket to the city’s Petersen Automotive Museum is the key to an exclusive experience far removed from traditional gallery exploration, especially at this time. For those with a penchant for the extreme, this month marks the opening of the most discussed exhibition of the year at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The Hypercars: Allure of the Extreme showcase, open to the public until September 2022, brings together some of the world’s newest automotive wonders, all in one stylish space on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

While there is no manual definition for what can be considered a hypercar, there are a few common denominators that set a supercar apart from the rest of the premium vehicle market. Speed, agility, design and rarity are a must, and the elite class of vehicles featured in the museum exhibit embodies that charm and takes it to the next level. Seeing even one of these models in person is a rare opportunity, as is such a variety in a gallery space. If you have the chance to visit the Petersen Museum over the next few months, stay tuned for Double the Magic; the second half of the exhibition will open in September 2022, trading in the current cars for a new cast that will be on view until May 2023.

The LaFerrari Aperta (2016), Devel Sixteen V8 (2020) and the Hennessey Venom F5 (2022) are just a few of the supercars you can see at the show right now – two motorcycles, from Lotus and Aston Martin will also be on display. . Clearly these cars are feats of engineering and design, but seeing them in an organized space will bring out their creative qualities just as much; it won’t be your usual art showcase, but each vehicle is aesthetic and appealing enough to be a piece in its own right. While it’s hard to believe these cars already exist and are used by a few lucky owners, the exhibit also acts as a microcosm of modern innovation, indicating what’s possible and what the future holds. One of the strongest draws of the hypercar category is the fact that there are always new additions, striving to outperform the latest models; what you will see at the Petersen is currently the highest standard of luxury motoring.

After visiting the gallery, head to the museum shop for souvenir posters, miniatures and clothing to mark the occasion. If you fancy it, other exhibitions currently open include Bond In Motion: Official Collection of Original James Bond Vehicles and Supercars: A Century of Show and Speed, featuring luxury automobiles from the 20th century. Hypercars: Allure of the Extreme is a private look at the highest level in the automotive world; pre-purchase your tickets here to experience up to thirty up-close and personal tech sensations, all under one iconic roof.


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