Apple just retired its latest iPod and we can never go back to music


Apple has announced that it is retiring the legendary iPod with the last of the iconic music players now only available “while supplies last”

There will be no more products marketed under the iPod brand and only the current 7th generation (2019) iPod touch remains for sale among Apple’s current product line. You can pick one up now for £199 (32GB), £299 (128GB) and £399 (256GB) respectively.

It ends more than 20 years of history, since the release of the first generation iPod in the United States. Branding covered a wide range of products; from the classic click wheel, to the handy little shuffle and the latest multi-colored nano models, plus docks, speakers and other accessories. Remember the iPod sock?

Once the flagship product that catapulted Apple from a niche computer company to a global consumer tech phenomenon, the iPod eventually morphed into the iPhone and propelled Steve Jobs’ company into the stratosphere, often by as the world’s most valuable company.

Apple says the spirit of the iPod lives on today through legacy products like the HomePod mini, as well as the Apple Watch, which is a massive extension of the iPod nano devices that connected to armbands and wristbands.

“Music has always been at our core at Apple, and bringing it to hundreds of millions of users in the same way the iPod has impacted more than just the music industry – it has also redefined the way music is discovered, heard and shared,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

“Today, the spirit of the iPod lives on. We’ve built an incredible music experience into all of our products, from iPhone to Apple Watch to HomePod mini, and on Mac, iPad and Apple TV. And Apple Music delivers industry-leading sound quality with support for spatial audio – there’s no better way to enjoy, discover and experience music.

Apple says those who miss the iPod touch in the future could simply get a latest-generation iPhone SE, which isn’t much more expensive and is ideal for a dedicated music streaming device.


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