Award-winning designer David Korins and hyperrealist artist Robin Eley will bring a new immersive experience to New York this fall


Look for Private collection / Closed for installation, by award-winning designer David Korins and hyperrealist artist Robin Eley will open in New York this fall. The free immersive experience, located at Lume Studios (393 Broadway), will celebrate iconic objects that are lost, stolen or private works of art far from the public, including that of Jean-Michel Basquiat dust headsby Edvard Munch The Screamby Pablo Picasso The dream, by Andy Warhol Turquoise Marilynby Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait with a Monkey, and much more.

The experience was designed by acclaimed creative director David Korins, whose work includes sets for Broadway musicals hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Beetlejuice: the musical, as well as experiential design for Immersive Van Gogh, The DiscOasis, and Sotheby’s.

Admission is free and offers customers the opportunity to view Eley’s out-of-print collection in person for a limited time only beginning September 17. 2022 until September 25, 2022.

Australian hyperrealist artist Robin Eley has been widely recognized for his diverse work and for recreating prominent traditional paintings and presenting them in a new way. Eley’s precise reproduction of classic masterpieces and application of his contemporary technique of adding plastic wrap is more than just an illusion to deceive the viewer’s perception of reality. The deliberately veiled art adds intrigue and depicts each piece remaining publicly inaccessible and shrouded in mystery. Artworks confined in their packaging and forever out of reach explore what it means to have access to art and its public value.

“Working with David Korins has proven to be the rarest collaboration where personalities come together, skills don’t overlap, and creative vision is perfectly aligned,” said artist and co-producer Robin Eley. “From the start, this exhibition was an opportunity to place my work in context. But David, with his myriad talents and fascinating intuition, took that context and turned it into an experience – a truly immersive synthesis of art and space, where one elevates the other.

“From the moment I first encountered Robin Eley’s work, I was amazed,” said creative director and co-producer David Korins. “Over time, I was inspired to create an event that would showcase his incredible talent and amplify the deeper meaning behind the work. It is an honor to collaborate with Robin on the design of a fictional museum where the guests can experience his innovative works in new and entertaining ways. I hope this exhibition will redefine what is possible by blurring the lines between art gallery, immersion live and popular culture.

The Museum of New or Traditional Art will highlight nineteen renowned works including that of Jean-Michel Basquiat dust headsby Pablo Picasso The dream, by Rene Magritte The son of the man, by Andy Warhol Turquoise Marilynby Pierre-Auguste Renoir A ball at the Moulin de la Galette, by Claude Monet ground, by Edvard Munch The Scream, Leonardo DeVinci Salvador Mundi, by Vincent Van Gogh Three Sunflowers, by Henri Matisse Pastoralby Rembrandt Christ in the Storm on the Sea of ​​Galileeby Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait with a Monkey, by Edgar Degas Dancers in an exercise room, and Alberto Giacometti The man on your finger sculpture. The experience will also include QR codes throughout the gallery allowing visitors to access mini documentary videos describing the history and intrigue surrounding each work.

The museum’s gift shop for new or traditional art will feature museum-branded products and an exhibition monograph with an essay by Byron Hawes examining the collaborative experience in depth.


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