Barco appointed as preferred viewing partner for d’strict ARTE MUSEUM’s global expansion


COURTRIJK, Belgium, September 2022 – d’strict, the Korean design company that creates innovative spatial experiences and immersive digital media installations, has named Barco as its preferred viewing partner. The framework agreement designates Barco as the sole supplier of all projectors for d’strict’s upcoming international digital art museum projects over the next four years. With this major business partnership, Barco and d’strict confirm their joint mission to deploy stunning multimedia experiences by combining imaginative art and innovative technology.

d’strict is a global design company that creates immersive end-user experiences by integrating both content and digital media technology. It is the company that created the famous ARTE MUSEUM in Jeju, Yeosu and Gangneung, characterized by their colorful media art exhibits with impactful visuals, sensual sounds and elegant fragrances for a truly immersive experience.

In 2021, the Korean company relied on Barco’s projection technology for the first time to enable immersive multimedia experiences in Yeosu and Gangneung. Today, the companies announce the continuation of their fruitful collaboration to support d’strict’s international ambition to expand ARTE MUSEUM’s successful digital experiences to various sites around the world over the next four years.

The agreement stipulates that Barco is the sole projection technology partner for existing and future projects on both sides of the Pacific. The deal, with an estimated total value of over €15 million, includes delivery of G-Series UDM and DLP projector hardware, access to Barco’s Insights management suite for fleet management worldwide and a range of top-of-the-range services adapted and streamlined for everyone. geographies.

“After the first two installations, we have established a solid and trusting relationship with Barco,” says Sean Lee, CEO of strict. “They bring superior and innovative technology, service reliability and fleet connectivity. Three important elements in our global expansion journey! This agreement gives us the guarantee that by expanding our ARTE MUSEUM footprint globally , we can always provide our visitors with the same breathtaking experience, wherever they are, whenever.”

“It’s a real honor to be part of d’strict’s international mission!” concludes Ta Loong Gan, Vice President of Global Sales, Immersive Experience at Barco. “The size of the material agreement and the comprehensive nature of the service contract make it one of the largest agreements ever for this market in Barco’s history. An important victory in line with our ambition to continue enabling immersive experiences everywhere in the world. .”

About strict

d’strict is a design company that creates innovative spatial experiences by developing content with digital media technology. Since its creation in 2004, our company has continued to evolve with technological advances. Today, d’strict offers a ‘Commercial Service’ which provides personalized content at the request of each client as well as an ‘Art Service’ using self-produced content.

d’strict’s strength lies in its ability to produce content based on a deep understanding of digital media technology. Based on our visual creativity and the finesse of merging content with digital technology, our experts in everything from content planning to visual/motion/graphic design, system design/spatial integration , software development and operations management, work harmoniously to provide a total enterprise solution.

With our unparalleled prowess in content development, paced by the rapid evolution of digital media technology, we are expanding the reach of our service globally. d’strict offers various B2B services to the world’s largest companies; through LED.ART, we license sophisticated media art content that is highly adaptable to exponentially growing digital signage. Starting in 2022, we are expanding our B2C service by implementing a global expansion of ARTE MUSEUM, our very own immersive media art exhibition space. a’strict, our media artist unit designed for the art scene, will continue to introduce new values ​​into contemporary art by straddling the boundary between commerce and art. In our recent venture, we create NFTs with our unique ability to produce digital art to reach and thrive in the world of crypto art scene and metaverse.

Our journey of innovative space experience with digital media technology continues.

About Barco

Barco is a global technology leader developing networked visualization solutions for the entertainment, business and healthcare markets. Our solutions have a visible impact, enabling people to enjoy captivating entertainment experiences; to foster knowledge sharing and intelligent decision-making in organizations and to help hospitals provide their patients with the best possible healthcare.

Based in Kortrijk (Belgium), Barco achieved a turnover of 804 million euros in 2021 and has a global team of more than 3,000 employees, whose passion for technology is reflected in more than 500 patents. delivered. Barco has been listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange since 1985. (Euronext: BAR; Reuters: BARBt.BR; Bloomberg: BAR BB)

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