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Develop equity stories and help prepare for financing rounds and IPOs
Helping biotech companies present equity stories – such as business models, competitive advantages, strategy, and market dynamics – in a compelling way that maximizes valuation in funding rounds and during IPO Initial Public Offering

Investing our people to train the next generation of innovators
Align with customers to ensure there are common goals and KPIs. We invest our human capital – our capabilities, databases, human resources and tools – in promising biotech companies to help them scale and achieve big ambitions, using our proven Leap by McKinsey methodology. We invest and innovate in new delivery models that allow us to share risk and reward, which is different from our more traditional project-based work

Business strategy and capital market
Develop a holistic business strategy to guide mid- to long-term direction, understand key drivers of value from an investor’s perspective, and articulate compelling stories

Portfolio and platform strategy and asset optimization
Optimize R&D platforms and portfolio value with unparalleled expertise in portfolio strategy, clinical development strategy, study design optimization and clinical operations acceleration

Launch and marketing
Assess launch readiness and design differentiated go-to-market models, such as access, commercial, and medical, while developing commercial organizations and establishing roadmaps with clear value propositions on the market and competition

Build the manufacturing plant of the future, integrate digital and analytics to achieve world-class productivity and quality

Strategic partnerships
Support strategic partnerships by assessing portfolio, value chain strength, geographic trends and strategic fit that inform partnership options and build value proposition stories

Future proof organization
Develop the organization of the future by considering rapidly evolving and increasing organizational changes in external competition and business environments

International expansion
Define launch model for international markets based on assessment of addressable patient population by market, and assessing business and organizational requirements


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