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The days when it took half a century to create iconic and cult brands to build brand loyalty are far behind. In this era of digital juggernauts and oligopolies, the key fundamentals of brand creation are quite interesting given the evolution of media; However, the basic philosophy of the funnel remains the same. Focusing on this point, industry experts shared the fundamentals of building a brand in the digital age.

Lloyd Mathais, angel investor and business strategist, believes the fundamentals of brand building remain the same.

“The fundamentals of branding remain the same: connect your brand proposition to your consumer in a genuine and sincere way. However, in the digital age, you may not have the luxury of controlling the narrative and need to learn how to organize the conversation. Speed ​​and personalization are also important, as campaign length and attention span have decreased while media options and customer activism have increased, ”he says.

Mehul Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of SoCheers, also agrees and shares that the underlying fundamentals of branding remain rooted in what we’ve learned over the years, such as the importance of understanding the customer. and its digital behavior, to be “authentic” to establish trust with the customer.

“And then there are a few different key mechanisms for the digital age like dynamic content creation and consistent communication to stay ahead, listen and engage with your customers, and use data effectively to create more experiences. personalized and meaningful. These fundamentals open up more room for brands to flourish in the digital age, ”adds Gupta.

Bidisha Nagaraj, Global VP Marketing, Schneider Electric, adds that while the brand’s core value proposition is to remain unchanged, the digital age allows the consumer to look at a brand from the perspective of the ‘my brand my benefits’ philosophy. “.

In addition to this, Sriram Padmanabhan, vice president of marketing at Nissan, says, “The fundamentals of building a brand have not changed since mankind started marketing – but the focus on the fundamentals is now more exposed. The foundation begins with storytelling – digital media offer more ways than ever to tell a story.

“Rules of engagement have evolved as a fundamental brand component in digital media with the need for speed and the ability to co-create or organize content. Responsibility for brand authenticity is more critical than ever with the pace of information flow, ”adds Padmanabhan.

Tanuja Rai Pradhan, Consumer Insights Marketing Manager at Vodafone Idea, believes the human side shouldn’t be missed, and that’s more important than talking about the product or service itself.

“Branding in the digital age requires a blend of proven ideologies from the past and new approaches needed in today’s environment. Not much would be to understand your audience intimately, then target, differentiate and stand out, stay true to your brand promise and stay relevant forever, the attraction strategy is at the heart, ”says Pradhan .

“Consumers always want value, not volume, so connect with them emotionally as a part of their lives. Show how we impact their everyday lives. Don’t miss the human side, it’s more important than talking about the product or service itself, ”adds Pradhan.

KT Prasad, MD and RVP, India and SAARC, Zendesk has highlighted ways for businesses to be agile and dynamic in the new reality …


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