Casa Lana and Ettore Sottsass Struttura e colore exhibition at the Milan Triennale


Milan is now home to an authentic time machine, created by one of the international geniuses of the 20th century,“this is how the architect Stefano Boeri, president of the Triennale Milano, presented the reconstruction of an interior of Casa Lana, designed by Ettore Sottsass, and the new exhibition hall named after the architect. December 3, 2021 saw the inauguration of the Sala Sottsass, a new room in memory of the architect and designer Ettore Sottsass Jr. installed on the first floor of Palazzo dell’Arte Bernocchi, seat of the Milan Triennial.
The room includes a very special exhibition: a permanent installation consisting of a reconstructed interior of Casa Lana, a private residence Ettore Sottsass designed in Milan in the mid-1960s. The public will now be able to appreciate its design thanks to a donation made by Barbara radice sottsass which, with a series of special donations, will form a section of the permanent collection of the Triennale Milano dedicated to the work of the architect.
In addition to showing this part of the Casa Lana, the Sala Sottsass will host temporary exhibitions and events highlighting various aspects of the work and philosophy of the Italian architect and designer, continuing the work undertaken with the first major monographic exhibition. from his work, “Ettore Sottsass. There is a planet», Hosted by the Triennale Milano in 2017, ten years after the famous architect’s death.

The central nucleus of Casa Lana, rebuilt at the Triennale, is described by Ettore Sottsass himself in the articleUna strophe nella strophe“,” A room within a room “, published in Domus magazine in 1967. The architect spoke of a space based on the basic idea of ​​a”small house in a room, or another room in a roomThe central part is in fact a wooden construction made up of sofas arranged to form a protected place in which to sit and chat or listen to music. The space around this central core can be used for various other activities, eliminating the need for hallways so as not to waste space like that needed to open and close doors.At the same time, this arrangement made the inhabitants feel like part of a larger space, “.. we always have a global idea of ​​our life, because everything is there, a small place is created, where we can move and meet», Wrote Ettore Sottsass. The philological reconstruction of the space was made possible by an in-depth study and restoration work in the Triennale by, among others: Luca Cipeletti, who designed the installation in the central space of the first floor of the Triennale, and Christoph radl, in charge of the artistic direction of the project.

From December 3, the Sala Sottsass will also host a series of exhibitions focusing on major themes addressed in Sottsass’s work, curated by Marco sammicheli with the installation design and graphics of Christoph radl. The first exhibition, “Ettore Sottsass. Struttura and color“, open until April 10, 2022, highlights the architect’s special attention to the relationship between people, with all their needs and rituals, and the space in which they live.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Triennale Milano, photo by Gianluca Di Ioia

The Casa Lana exhibition
From December 3, 2021
Relocation design: Luca Cipeletti
Artistic direction: Christoph Radl
Photos: Gianluca Di Ioia

First exhibition:
Ettore Sottsass. Struttura and color
December 3, 2021 – April 10, 2022
Curator: Marco Sammicheli
Exhibition design and graphics: Christoph Radl
Admission fee

Location: Triennale Milano, Viale Alemagna 6 20121 Milano – Italia
opening hours Tuesday to Sunday
11 am-8pm (last entry 7pm)


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