Changes to Bates Smart Multi-Residential Tower in Green Square


Bates Smart modified its initial designs for a tower to be built in Sydney’s downtown Green Square, which saw the number of apartments in the building reduced and the size of each remaining apartment increased.

The original tower which was approved in 2019 was to have 104 apartments with approximately 70 m² of floor space. This number has since been reduced to 81, with the apartments now boasting 90m² of floor space.

The overall form and scale of the building remained relatively intact despite the modifications, with a heavy masonry stone plinth serving as the base of the building with the hall imagined as a glass box. The tower has been an ongoing project since 2016, after Bates Smart won a design competition for ‘Site 18’ in Green Square.

“The stepped form of the building ensures that the Neilson Square setback is more open to the sky and the ground plan is treated as an extension of the square. A glass canopy provides a sheltered pedestrian route along the Ebsworth Street and Neilson Square frontages,” reads a statement from the practice.

The practice says the Green Square area has seen a number of key infrastructure projects, including the Green Square Library and the Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Center completed since it exited the design competition, which effectively caused a redesign of the tower itself. This redesign created larger apartments with increased natural light, ventilation and floor-to-floor heights. The practice also implemented functional shading on the north-west and south-west facing facades.

The updated app is now on display and will remain so until January 28.

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