Costumes of the Eternals to be on display at the Smithsonian’s “FUTURES” exhibit


Marvel fans Eternals will soon have the chance to take a closer look at costumes from the epic debut of the MCU’s Cosmic Team, as five of the original costumes will be on display as part of the new Smithsonian exhibition “FUTURES” in the Arts and Building Industries from from November 20. The exhibit will also feature behind-the-scenes information on how advancements in technology have enabled the film industry to expand its ability to show distant and amazing futures on screen.

“Since comic books rose to prominence in the United States in the 1930s, they have developed as an exciting new form of storytelling featuring entire universes with their own languages, cultures, people, heroines and places, “said Ashley Molese, curator at AIB. in a report. Jumping from the comic book page to the screen, Marvel helped create a whole new world-building and future-casting experience. Eternals takes radical approaches to filmmaking by playing with scale and visual effects in a way never seen before in the MCU, time traveling through humanity’s earliest civilizations to beyond the cosmos. ”


The exhibit will feature the costumes of Sersi, Phastos, Sprite, Druid and Ikaris, and was created with the aim of showing “exploring leaps of the imagination”, which Marvel certainly couldn’t be accused of missing in its long story. . Behind-the-scenes details will show the journey from the page to the screen, with full visual effects as seen in the final cinematic film. There will also be a new augmented reality experience, which is also available through an app, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in amazing interactive worlds like never before.

The display of Eternals the costumes and the story of their creation will appear alongside a number of other comic-book and sci-fi-based works of art that show how much the power of world-building has been enhanced in the over the years. New concept art for a 20000 Leagues Under the Sea the comic book by Jeffrey Veregge, the video game Never Alone, the typewriter by Octavia Butler, the Afrofuturism-inspired work of Stacey Robinson in a dark utopia and promotional posters that imagine what the exhibitions of the Smithsonian in 2017 created by Brian Miller.

“It’s exciting to see Eternals costumes on display at the Smithsonian in this new FUTURES exhibition ”, Eternals said producer Nate Moore. Imagination, storytelling, and world-building are the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and these costumes are great examples of that. Huge thought and detail went into their design, created by Ryan Meinerding and his visual development team and costume designer Sammy Sheldon Different, and we hope visitors find themselves transported to the world of Jack Kirby and the Eternals by viewing them. ”

Promoted as an exhibition and festival, FUTURES will celebrate the Smithsonian’s 175th anniversary and showcase 150 ideas, objects and installations that bring art, technology and history together to imagine what might then become possible in the future. It will also temporarily reopen America’s oldest museum for the first time in nearly 20 years as the first look at the building-wide future on the National Mall. The exhibit will run from November 20, 2021 through July 2022. You can find out more on the Smithsonian’s official FUTURES exhibit site.

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