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Creative has, over the years, slowly established its presence in the Indian consumer audio market, and with their Creative Stage 360 ​​2.1 soundbars, they are trying to make another dent in the bar space. of his. The Creative Stage 360, when it launched, had a lot of talk about it, so when it showed up here at the Digit Test Center, we gave it a try, playing our favorite soundtracks and hooking it up at TV and PlayStation watching movies and playing games, while keeping a close eye on the sound produced by this soundbar. Here is what we would like to share.

Build and design

The Creative Stage 360 ​​takes the design language of the Creative Stage family of soundbars. It has a clean black exterior, with subtle Creative branding on both the bar and the subwoofer. The soundbar itself sports a metal grille on the front, protecting its 2 x 2.25″ x 3.85″ Racetrack driver which is encased in a plastic case. The front of the soundbar features a dot-matrix display, which gives information about the active connectivity option and whether the bar is on or off. There are four basic buttons built into the soundbar, with functionality like play/pause, changing connectivity options, and turning the bar on or off.


As for the subwoofer, the first thing that caught our eye was the amount of output it generated for its size. We’ll get to that later, but it was important to mention its performance, given its 115 x 250 x 422mm housing, which accommodates the mesh-wrapped 5.25″ High Excursion driver. It connects to the main soundbar using a 1.5m cable, which ends in a barrel plug that goes into the main soundbar. Feet at the bottom of the subwoofer help it stay in place even when playing bass-heavy tracks.

The soundbar also comes with a remote control, which gives users ample control and versatility. The buttons on the remote are clickable and give adequate feedback when pressed. The overall build quality of the remote is nothing out of the ordinary. However, considering the price of the soundbar, it was acceptable.


When it comes to connectivity, this soundbar comes with all the bells and whistles. There are two HDMI ports on the back of the soundbar, with ARC support. Besides the HDMI ports, there is also an optical audio port. For wireless connectivity, there’s Bluetooth. So it pretty much has all the bases covered. However… We may sound archaic saying this, but we missed our old friend, the AUX port. The lack of the plug was particularly felt by one of our team members who tried to plug it into his PC without Bluetooth and was disappointed.


From our play sessions, which involved all sorts of titles like F1 2022, where the biggest challenge was playing a variety of engine sounds at different distances, to games like Fortnite, the overall experience was enjoyable. However, it’s just for casual games. If you’re looking to play anywhere near a competitive game where positional awareness is important, then this soundbar won’t cut it. Even in F1 we ​​were sometimes looking for the cars around us.

With regard to movies and music, the performance saw a relative increase. When listening to songs, the positioning of the instruments is important, and as far as this soundbar is concerned, the image was poor. While all of the song’s instruments held firm, their positioning always remained something that disappointed us. It wasn’t like there was an absolute lack of separation coming out of the bar. It was the amount of separation and positional awareness that let us down.


The same was true for movies. Despite being Dolby Atmos certified, this soundbar, considering its price of ₹16,999, fell short of expectations. That might sound like really cynical, but we expected better performance for the price, especially when it wears the Dolby badge.

As for the sound signature, we found it to sound heavy right out of the box. The remote allows you to change the bass levels of the audio produced by the soundbar, which makes all the difference. After adjusting the bass, the performance of the soundbar was taken to another level. The sound was well balanced overall, and during our binging sessions we could easily make out even the softest dialogue spoken by the characters on screen. While the staging, in general, remained a pain point, the overall frequency reproduction was something that would suit its use in entertainment and casual gaming setups.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-install soundbar for your home entertainment system, the Creative Stage 360 ​​might be a decent buy. There are better options out there, especially considering the generally discounted price of some excellent offerings from LG and Samsung. If you’re willing to wait, it will be worth it. However, if you’re looking for a soundbar that you could buy right away with your eyes closed, Creative Stage 360 ​​should be in the top 3 of your consideration list. It works well for the most part. The only place it misses, for the price you pay, is the staging of sound and the spatial awareness that comes with it. That aside, that makes it a decent buy.

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