Danbrook One engineer was unqualified for Langford high-rise project, investigators say


Victoria –

According to Engineers and Geoscientists BC, the structural engineer of a high-rise building in Langford was not qualified to design a project of this scale.

The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Investigation Committee opened an investigation into structural engineer Brian McClure after his residence permit was revoked from the 11-story Danbrook One building in Langford in December 2019.

Last week, the committee announced that it was imposing an interim restriction of practice order on McClure due to safety breaches during the building’s construction.

For example, the committee’s investigation found that McClure had not provided a sufficient number of field examinations for the concrete work on the building.

“The industry standard for field examinations for a building such as Danbrook One is between 45 and 55 for concrete work,” the ruling reads. “During the McClure investigation, Mr. McClure provided Engineers and Geoscientists BC with 17 field examination reports for Danbrook One.”

The investigation also found that McClure had no experience designing a building of this size, with his past projects consisting of wood-frame residential buildings up to five stories high and concrete residential buildings up to two floors.

The committee says McClure had experience reviewing structural drawings for high-rise reinforced concrete buildings when he designed steel poles, but that experience was insufficient to lead a project like Danbrook One, according to the committee.

“Mr. McClure mistakenly believed that his previous experience qualified him to design the Danbrook One,” the findings read.

The committee added that “(McClure) did not even make the minimum effort to rectify his flaws before starting or during his work on Danbrook One, which should have included properly conducted reviews and independent reviews of drawings by design”.

McClure’s interim practice restriction began Oct. 1, which means his work must be reviewed by an independent engineer outside of his office. The restriction is in place until a final decision is made on the case, or if the committee deems it no longer necessary to protect the public interest.

Security concerns at Danbrook One were reported by the City of Langford in December 2019, and tenants were urged to vacate the building by January 2020.

McCure’s company declined to comment on Tuesday while the investigation is ongoing.


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