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A four-story, 19-unit multi-family building with a gross area of ​​approximately 24,502 square feet and a 25-space underground parking level will be presented to the design committee at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday for a final design review.

Balian Investments LLC is the developer of the project located at 150 S. Oak Knoll Ave.

At the end of last year, residents living nearby expressed fears that the development would negatively affect their quality of life.

The project is close to another housing project at 139 S. Oak Knoll Ave.

“As the owners of Unit 104 at 156 S. Oak Knoll, my fiancee Claire Zhao and I would like to share our concerns regarding the 150 S. Oak Knoll construction project,” Damien Evans and Claire Zhao said in written correspondence to the Design Commission.

“We are very concerned about the potential impact of construction on our building as well as on our quality of life. We believe that, along with other owners and tenants along the north side of 156 S. Oak Knoll, we will be most affected, since we are on the ground floor and directly next to the parking lot where the new building and the underground parking will be built, ”the couple wrote.

“We are concerned about possible damage to the foundation and exterior / interior walls of our building, and would like to understand the developer’s plan to avoid this, or in the case of structural damage or otherwise, how they would go about it. ensure repairs are made, ”Evans and Zhao said.

The couple also requested information on their noise pollution rights and a construction schedule.

The Planning Department said the project site measures approximately 9,900 square feet and consists of a rectangular-shaped interior lot located on the east face of the South Oak Knoll Avenue block, between East Green and Cordova streets.

The couple said they didn’t oppose the construction of the project, but wanted to make sure the building they live in is protected.

It was not immediately clear whether this information had been made available to them or whether city staff had met neighbors living in the area.

The building will face Oak Knoll Avenue and vehicular access is provided along the same facade at the southwest corner of the property. Pedestrian access would also be available from the elevation facing the street.

“I strongly oppose [to] this project on the grounds that there is already extremely limited outdoor parking for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) people in this area, ”Maria Paula said in December.

“Outdoor parking lots are essential for ADA people with conditions that do not allow indoor parking of their vehicles,” said Paula.

The project site is currently developed with a surface parking lot inside a concrete block perimeter wall that is proposed to be demolished. There are no existing structures or trees on the property, and it is proposed to retain two street trees facing the site.

Surrounding the project site are one-story commercial and religious buildings, one to four story high multi-family residential buildings throughout the block between East Green and Cordova streets, and two five-story multi-family residential buildings. adjoining the rear property line of the site.

The meeting can be heard at

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