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Zabel loved when there was a right answer in math class. Know how his work has affected the world around him. To find out how his efforts have affected things for change or for the better. Learning to work smarter to be more efficient, which helped her run a business. At the same time, she found herself enrolling in an art class, such as art history or pottery, every semester to fuel her creativity.

Zabel earned her bachelor’s degree in math in 2009 and says she is still in awe of God’s work in using her math brain and other intrinsic gifts to start a nationally award-winning directing company. “I never dreamed that I wanted to own my own business, but it’s cool to see how God has done this,” Zabel says. “He did a lot of things after my time at Bethel, where obviously he was teaching me things for a future purpose.

Her design journey began in 2015, when she began observing and helping Jess Puccini, a local interior designer, and really enjoyed it. Puccini brought up directing as a career possibility and connected her with Shar Sitter, who ran an at-home directing certification course and owned a directing company called Rooms with Style.

Zabel still remembers walking into Sitter’s warehouse to hold classes in 2018 in Apple Valley, Minnesota, sitting at the circular tables, picking out furniture in the warehouse, and getting hands-on experience staging several houses in the area. She had finally found her niche that used her problem-solving brain and creative mind.

Zabel quit her job with the company around Christmas 2018, and in 2019 she started her own staging company, A Home Revival. “I want it to be a business that gives life,” she says. “I didn’t want it to be Kelly Zabel Staging. I thought maybe one day it would be bigger than me.

Zabel and her employees run full vignettes, handpicking a combination of neutral-yet-trendy coffee tables, sofas, artwork, lamps and pillows from their warehouse, then loading up a moving truck and transforming from house to house across the Twin Cities.


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