ELASTICOFarm residential and commercial building in Lido di Jesolo Italy


Architect Stefano Pujattifounder of the ELASTICOFarm studio, recently took on an interesting challenge. “The building descending the stairs“, the residential and commercial building built in a central area of ​​Lido di Jesolo, a short distance from the coast of Venice, not only reflects the client’s wishes, but fits perfectly into the urban fabric, creating a new dynamic centrality .
The work becomes a new and important landmark for the territory, creating a close dialogue between shared private spaces and the public dimension, and promoting a more intense relationship on the part of the inhabitants with the built and natural context in which they live.
Architecture thus becomes a means of rediscovering the potential and restoring the identity of the place where it is built, even in a context devoid of urban quality.

From an urban point of view, the area is in fact without particular merit, including with regard to the shape, heights and finishes of the existing structures: residential buildings with commercial activities on the ground floor dating from the 1950s and 1960s. It is precisely in this context that ELASTICOFarm’s project was inserted, which replaces a previous construction that was demolished.

“The Building Descending the Staircase” is a mixed-use, residential and commercial building. It is an object out of scale, an apparent “entertainmentor a “dynamic” architecture, as the title of the project underlines, “the building going down the stairs”.

The two functions of the building have been clearly separated, with the commercial at street level, while the upper eight floors arranged in an arch are dedicated to the residential function, suspended from a “forest” of steel pillars. The “ghost ground“Separating them is an open space that expands over the commercial floor and becomes a place where residents and passers-by can socialize and interact, ideally extending the public space inside the building.
The semi-circular shape of the building allows the residential floors to enjoy maximum sun exposure and, from the large terraces, to frame panoramic views of the Venetian lagoon with the Dolomites as a backdrop. The layout of the upper floors takes up the main idea of ​​the project: a space shared between public and private users, materialized here by the balconies which, at the different levels, articulate the north side of the building and offer an unexpected image of the building inspired by the nets of the fishermen of the Venetian lagoon.

(Agnes Bifulco)

Images courtesy of ELASTICOFarm

Project name: The building descending the stairs
Location: Lido di Jesolo (Venice), Italy
ELASTICOFarm project www.elasticofarm.com with bplan studio
Design Team Stefano Pujatti, Alberto Del Maschio, Marco Bottosso, Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo, Serena Nano, Andrea Rosada, Boris Cibin
Customer NUMERIA SGR Spa
Structural project: SAICO Ingegneria Srl
Mechanical systems project: Studio Termotecnico Gabrielli
Builder CEV Spa: Metallic Carpentry GR strutture Srl
Timeline: Start of design (April 2015), Start of construction (September 2018), End of construction (December 2020), Completion (March 2021)

land area: 4,500 m2
residential area: 3,380 m2
commercial area: 1,600 m2
equipment area: 2,000 m2
public roads: 480 m2
number of accommodations: 47
Photographs Iwan Baan www.iwan.com
Other images: ELASTICOFarm www.elasticofarm.com
Cultivar Press Office www.cultivar.agency


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