Esteemed architect, Sylvia Rossouw devotes herself to her passions


Sylvia Rossouw, an architect based in South Africa, has worked on some of the most amazing and environmentally friendly designs in Western Cape Town. Some of her best-known works have been included in the 2010 World Cup heritage projects. Using her clients’ accounts, she creates project designs. Sylvia’s keen art sense combined with the thoughts, ideas and goals of her clientele allow her to create unique works of art. The seasoned architect has worked in the field for over a decade and believes it is difficult to tell the story of a building without looking at all of its components. As the co-founder and lead architect of RW Architects, Sylvia’s architectural firm, she has completed several recreational and residential design projects that have benefited from her firm’s expertise.

True architectural professionals need to pay attention to detail when constructing a building so that all the pieces fit together perfectly. During the architectural design process, the utility, practicability and long-term viability of the project should all be taken into account. The construction of a structure should meet the needs of the property owner while respecting local building codes. It is essential to have on hand a well-known architect who can add their personal touch to each project. Architectural design is a captivating form of visual expression, and seeing a building’s unique design take shape is simply amazing. According to Sylvie Rossouw, his architectural practice is a place of “discipline, clarity of ideas and seemingly effortless implementations”, among other characteristics.

The passionate artist expresses herself not only through her blueprint drawings, but also through her art exhibitions. Her endless quest for the truth in itself serves as inspiration for her work. Constant work allows him to achieve his personal and professional creative goals. The inventive artist enjoys incorporating found materials, artifacts, spray paint, oil and ink, among others, on his favorite canvases.

“Oblate spheroid.” from the Hysterica collection (Mixed media: found paper, ink, oil paint, linseed oil, and spray paint on found material with support frame.)

151 x 196 x 6.5 cm
(59.45 x 77.17 x 2.56 inch)

His series of paintings “Hysterica” ​​was recently exhibited at the gallery MADS. The conscious artist was able to look at itself and to speak out. She was inspired by her spirit lived at a time of global change. Fr-]=[l-oiDel’AfriqueduSudàRomeetenItalielesexpositionspersonnellespassionnéesdeSylviaRossouwontétéprésentéesdanslemondeentierLesartistesinspiréssontencouragéspar[l-oiomSouthAfricatoRomeandItalySylviaRossouw’spassionatesoloexhibitionshavebeendisplayedallovertheworldInspiredartistsareencouragedby[l-oiDel’AfriqueduSudàRomeetenItalielesexpositionspersonnellespassionnéesdeSylviaRossouwontétéprésentéesdanslemondeentierLesartistesinspiréssontencouragéspar[l-oiomSouthAfricatoRomeandItalySylviaRossouw’spassionatesoloexhibitionshavebeendisplayedallovertheworldInspiredartistsareencouragedbySylvie Rossouw seek in oneself in order to create freely.

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