Expansion of the I-77 / Miller Road interchange in Brecksville to include an auxiliary lane on the freeway, turning lanes on Miller



BRECKSVILLE, Ohio – City to provide Euthenics Inc. in Cleveland an additional $ 947,477 to finalize design plans for the Interstate 77 / Miller Road interchange extension, which will add a northbound exit ramp from the motorway and a southbound entrance ramp.

Of that amount, the Ohio Department of Transportation will reimburse half the city, or $ 473,739, according to Brecksville chief financial officer Laura Starosta. ODOT will also reimburse half the cost of the initial $ 1 million engineering phase, approved by the city in 2020 and also managed by Euthenics.

This means the city will be responsible for $ 973,739 in the design fee after receiving the ODOT refunds.

The design includes an auxiliary lane, between the southbound entry ramp of Miller Road and the southbound exit ramp of the Ohio Turnpike, which will allow traffic to enter and exit I-77 safely without sneaking through toll traffic.

Cars entering I-77 southbound at Miller, intending to use the freeway, would use the auxiliary lane.

The design also includes new left turn lanes on Miller westbound leading to I-77 southbound. It could also include two dedicated right turn lanes from Miller westbound to I-77 northbound, although those two lanes have not been finalized.

City of Brecksville engineer Gerry Wise said no approved drawings of the expanded interchange exist yet. The next engineering phase will produce drawings.

The interchange expansion is part of Valor Acres’ largest mixed-use development, located approximately 1,000 feet east of I-77 on Brecksville and Miller roads.

The Sherwin-Williams Co. plans to build a research and development center at Valor Acres and has purchased property there, the site of a former US Department of Veterans Affairs hospital.

Mayor Jerry Hruby said Miller is the only I-77 interchange in Cuyahoga County that does not have entry and exit ramps leading north and south. The interchange now only has a northbound highway entrance ramp and a southbound exit.

In search of land

Last year, Hruby said the Tax Increase Financing (TIF) – which involves part of the new property taxes generated by the Valor Acres project used for infrastructure improvements – would also help pay for the expansion of the ‘interchange.

As for construction, the latest estimate is $ 11.9 million, which includes a 9.4% contingency fund, Wise said. He said the city hopes external funding, including ODOT grants, will cover just over half of that amount.

Wise said the project schedule now shows that ODOT is seeking bids for construction in October 2022 and the interchange widening opening to traffic in fall 2023.

Euthenics, as part of its work, will study the area of ​​land to be acquired for the project. Wise said the goal is to take as little property as possible.

Last year, Hruby said the new highway ramps would take up as little space as possible. The ramps will head directly to the highway, instead of following a circular or curved path.

Under its agreement with the city, Euthenics will review 15 properties owned by six owners, including:

· The owners of Maple Crest Farm, an equestrian center located on the southwest side of I-77 and Miller. They own two lots of approximately 9 acres.

· Fogg Brecksville Development Co., which owns four lots of vacant industrial land south of Maple Crest Farm, totaling approximately 23 acres.

· Grand Bay Plaza Ltd., which owns 9 acres of vacant commercial land at the northwest corner of I-77 and Miller.

· Gateway Associates LLC, which owns 10 ½ acres of land, containing one building and parking, at the southeast corner of I-77 and Miller.

· National City Corp., which owns a lot measuring less than 2 acres, just east of the Gateway Associates lot.

The city, through its Brecksville Community Improvement Corp., owns five plots, according to the Cuyahoga County Finance Office, although some of those properties have already changed hands through various land sales linked to Valor Acres. .

The city owns a parcel of land between the National City Parcel and I-77.

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