Fans call on Katie Thurston to become a Bachelorette manager


Following the way she handled Sarah Trott in the last episode of The Bachelor, fans are asking for Katie Thurston to become the next Bachelorette.

Following on from the way she handled Sarah Trott in the last episode of The single person, fans ask Katie Thurston to be next Bachelorette. On the first night, some viewers were shocked that Katie got out of her limo holding a purple vibrator. She said it had been a great companion for her during this COVID-19 pandemic, and Matt James had a good laugh. Katie then continued to hold it all night, and it was featured (but censored) nearly every conversation she had with Matt and the other contestants.

For the most part, Bachelor Nation had a sense of humor about Katie Thurston introduction on The single person. It was memorable, hilarious, brave and, well, clearly very honest. Still, most viewers quickly dubbed his “vibrant daughter.” Overall, it is common for fans of The single person to give nicknames to candidates when the cast is still too large for each name to be accepted. On the other hand, that kind of joke made Katie just known for a joke she made on the first night. Fortunately, however, things are clearly changing now.

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During the last episode on Matt James’ season of The single personSarah Trott was seen having a really tough time with the whole process. She initially seemed to have a hard time watching Matt date so many people at the same time. In response, Sarah crushed an uninvited group date and ended up interrupting Matt’s one-on-one conversation with Katie Thurston. Later in the episode, Sarah revealed that her father was sick and that she felt the need to be with him. She apologized to Katie before she left, who was nothing but understanding and indulgent towards Sarah. Meanwhile, many other contestants continued to bully Sarah for crushing a group date, which prompted Katie to stand up and defend Sarah against the other women. Now some fans and alumni Single competitors are distraught for Katie and call on her to become the next leader on The bachelorette.

It’s great to watch The celibate nation thinks of Katie like more than just a girl who made a joke on the first episode. She definitely left a big impression on Matt James and the fans, but she turns out to be much more than a prop. Especially compared to the other women in the cast, Katie comes across as one of the more mature and confident contestants on the show. Even fans who didn’t necessarily like what she did at the premiere now give her credit for being an adult in a room filled with people acting like children.

The jury is still out on how far Katie will go this season. Who knows, maybe she and Matt will get engaged in the finale. But if that doesn’t happen, there’s definitely a Bachelor Nation party that would love to see her direct. The bachelorette in the near future.

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The single person Season 25 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on ABC.

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