First Notice: Manitoba Pledges to Protect Residential School Gravesites; the new recruit of Progressive Planet; DEEP Earth completes design and feasibility study


Manitoba pledges $ 2.5 million to support residential school burial grounds protection

The Manitoba government is committing $ 2.5 million to begin work to support the identification, investigation, protection and commemoration of residential school burial sites across the province. The province will meet with Indigenous leaders, Elders and knowledge keepers to determine how best to use this funding to identify, document, protect and commemorate the gravesites and anonymous graves of missing children.

Progressive Planet announces a new recruit

Vancouver-based Progressive Planet Solutions today announced the hiring of Dr. Roger Mah as Vice President of Research and Development. The company is active in the search for low-carbon pozzolan-based cementation products that replace equivalent amounts of Portland cement and fly ash in concrete. Mah was previously the CEO of ZoraMat Solutions where he led the carbon capture technology commercialization efforts.

DEEP Earth completes geothermal design and feasibility study

DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. successfully completed initial engineering and design with a corresponding feasibility study and report on its first geothermal power plant in southeast Saskatchewan. The nominal capacity of the installation is expected to be 32 MW and will produce up to 33.4 MW of net power in winter and at least 20 MW of net power in summer.


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