Galleries and exhibition: baby Byrne, Byrne… and discover a treasure of Mary, Queen of Scots


June 2-5. Free. Through Dumfries and Galloway.

Scotland’s most southerly artists, right, open the studio doors for Spring Fling 2022, sharing their love of life in the remote beauty of the Rhins of Galloway. The three artists to discover are Glenda Waterworth, Linda Irving and Jane Fraser. During Spring Fling, visitors can view works by these artists in the galleries where they actually worked.

John Patrick Byrne – A Great Adventure

May 28 – September 18. Admission from £7.50. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AG.

This exhibition in Kelvingrove is the first retrospective of Scottish artist and writer John Byrne’s illustrious career in over 20 years, capturing the energy and excitement of his work, and it shares the fascinating life story by Byrne. One of the highlights of the exhibition is a room displaying over 40 self-portraits – the largest number of self-portraits ever exhibited at any given time spanning his career.

From spring to summer

May 30 – September 30. Free. No 13 Gallery, 13 High Street, Newport on Tay, DD6 8AB.

This exhibition at No 13 Gallery in Newport on Tay includes painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics and design. All art is sourced from independent artists based in North Fife, Dundee or Strathtay. All works are available for purchase.

The Moon – Discover our nearest neighbor

May 30 – August 17. free. North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre, High Road, Motherwell, ML1 3HU.

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the very last person to walk on the moon. Admire chunks of real moon rock, learn about the science and mythology behind our nearest neighbor,

relive historic moments of lunar discovery and discover the 5000 year history of man’s fascination with the moon.


May 30 – June 4. Free. The Tolbooth, 4 High Street, Lanark, ML11 7EX.

This celebration of orchards explores the values ​​and richness of the Clyde Valley. Orchards provide sustainable and ecologically diverse habitats that are home to diverse wildlife, inspiring artists, nature lovers and local food producers. This exhibition features paintings, drawings, photographs and crafts inspired by orchards.

Personal exhibition of Lindsay Dudley

May 30 – June 5. Free. Weigh Ahead Gallery, 91-95 High Street, Dunblane, FK15 0ER.

Emerging Stirling artist Lindsay Dudley has her first solo exhibition at the Weigh Ahead Gallery in Dunblane. original sound

landscape paintings capture the beauty and intensity of the sea that are both captivating and evocative.

human sons

May 30 – August 28. Free. Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE.

This large-scale, multi-sensory exhibition was curated by Edinburgh’s Artlink and is presented in partnership with Tramway. After years of pioneering research by Artlink, the works expand our perception of what works of art could be and attempt to break down barriers to accessing contemporary art.

100 years of British broadcasting

May 30 – September 24. Free. Museum of Communication, 131 High Street, Burntisland, KY3 9AA.

This year marked the centenary of British broadcasting, marking both 100 years since the first experimental scheduled broadcasts and the start of the BBC. This exhibit features a timeline spanning the entire 100-year period, highlighting famous radio and television programs and events.


The silver box

May 30 – August 1. Free. Hawthornden Court, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF.

See an iconic piece of Scotland’s national heritage – the silver coffin believed to have belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots. The casket, believed to have been made in Paris between 1493 and 1510, is an extremely rare piece of ancient French silverware, which has survived over 450 years.

James Morrison – A Celebration

June 6-25. Free. The Scottish Gallery, 16 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6HZ.

In June, the Scottish Gallery celebrates the life and work of one of Scotland’s most beloved artists in a major retrospective.

The exhibition, which takes place two years after his death, spans both floors of the gallery and features works spanning seven decades of

his life and work.

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