Gay Up Your V-Day: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019




Whether you are happy as a couple or #SingleAF, Valentine’s Day (or ” Valentine’s day “ February 13, take your pick) is a perfect opportunity to spoil that special someone in your life. Same Especially if that “special person” is you.

You deserve it, baby. # 20BiTeen a summer a hard year, and we are, like, a horrible sex scandal in Hollywood and clean zero Drag race episodes in it.


Below, find 10 perfect gifts for a very queer Valentine’s Day.

  1. TomboyX V-Day Collection

  2. Rainbow iced coffee cup

    Encourage your boyfriend to stop being insufferable gossip and start saving the planet with this rainbow-colored “Optimism” Iced Coffee Mug. I mean he is go have an iced coffee every morning anyway, you might as well encourage environmentally friendly consumption habits in the process.

    $ 18,

  3. Moo x Kate Moross Notebooks

    These notebooks, lovingly designed by a non-binary British artist and illustrator Kate moross, are perfect for that type of hopeless romantic writer in your life. (Totally guilty charged.)

    $ 24.99 for a set of three, Mooing

  4. “Game of the queens” Drag race card game

    Is your boo RuPaul’s Drag Race super fan? Give them what they love with the new one “Game of Queens” playing cards, a drag queen-themed card game created by Greg Bailey and illustrated by Daniela Henríquez. Yaaas, kween!

    $ 14.99, Laurence King United States (on sale February 4)

  5. Zodiac themed vibrator

    We have already established that astrology is basically gay culture, so why not lean into it with these star sign themed vibrator sets? Each comes with a zodiac-themed gemstone necklace, a small clitoral vibrator, and a warming balm designed to intensify your orgasm. I can’t help but think how great this idea is, but I’m a very mercurial Gemini, so come back, like, two hours.

    $ 40, Good vibes

  6. Tom of Finland V-Day Card

    We’re obsessed with these sexy Valentine’s Day cards from the Tom of Finland x Kweer Cards store. Catch that ass, hunter!

    $ 6, Tom of Finland store

  7. “Rosemont” Fluid Liquid Lipstick

    Treat that special woman in your life to this anti-smooching liquid lipstick from Beauty Fluid, a gender-neutral luxury makeup line owned by homosexuals.

    $ 16, Beauty Fluid

  8. Hot coffee scrub

    For a gift that’s as unique as it is practical, try StudioReady Hot Coffee Scrub, the world’s first body scrub specifically designed to make ass eating more enjoyable. Yes, such a thing exists. Yes, his slogan – “sit on his face with confidence” – deserves a creepy Pulitzer. And, yes, you are welcome.

    $ 62, Ready for the studio ($ 8 discount with the code “EATMYHOLE”)

  9. “Furious Vulvas” vegan chocolates

  10. “Phucking Phabulous” candle

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