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A LOT OF BEAUTIFUL – Jeff Walton, a resident of northern Indiana, graduated in 1983 from Jefferson Union High School, was the structural engineer who worked with the manufacturer to complete the design of the sports complex’s new press room unified of Edison High School. In high school, Walton was a part-time football team manager and videographer who recalled that there was not enough room in the old press box for coaches, announcer, reporters and videographers are in the same space. – Janice Kiaski

RICHMOND – Seeing family and former colleagues was on Jeff Walton’s agenda when he visited the house this week, not to mention attending Edison High School’s return game on Friday against rival Toronto.

But just as interesting was checking out Edison’s new sports complex, especially the press box that the 1983 graduate of Jefferson Union High School helped bring to fruition.

Son of Jeff and Margaret Walton of the Knoxville area, Walton ended up being the structural engineer who worked with the press maker to complete the design.

What are the chances that an engineer working from his home in northern Indiana for a company in Pennsylvania would have the opportunity to provide consulting services for a project involving his alma mater in Ohio?

It was a surprise, agrees Walton, a graduate of Akron University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He first worked for an engineering and architectural firm in Wheeling before moving to Elkhart, Indiana, in the summer of 1990, where he resides with his wife of 30 years, Karen, and their five children, Charlie. , Emma, ​​Patrick, John and Isaac.

“I became a Chartered Professional Engineer in 1996 and am currently licensed to practice in 42 states”, explained Walton, who is a consulting engineer for Glenco Inc., a company in Middleburg, Pa. “I provide engineering consulting services to manufacturers of commercial and residential modular buildings across the country. This involves providing a complete technical design of the building, including structural, heating / cooling, plumbing and electrical systems, as well as ensuring that buildings have suitable accessibility and life safety features. , such as adequate exits, emergency lighting, fire-resistant construction and other fire protection measures’, He continued.

“Modular module manufacturers fabricate their buildings in a manufacturing facility and then they are shipped to their final location by one of the following methods: towed behind a semi-truck, or on a flatbed or low bed trailers. When they arrive on site, they are often lifted onto their foundations using a crane. If it is a smaller building, it can also be placed on the foundation with a large forklift ”, he added.

Walton gave insight into his involvement in Edison’s new press column.

“The maker of the press is Dant Clayton Corp. from Louisville, Ky., and have worked with them on hundreds of newspaper and gallery projects over the past seven years. “ he said. “They sent me several projects for high schools and small colleges located in Ohio. I had hoped that a school project in the Ohio Valley would eventually be sent to me.

Last summer it happened.

“One afternoon last July, I opened my email after lunch, and there was a new project from them for Edison Local – Richmond, Ohio,” Walton said. “It was a nice surprise and I was delighted to be a part of it. Over the next several weeks, we took the design of their press from the preliminary layout to the final design that was ready to be submitted to the industrialized construction plans review section of the state Department of Commerce. Ohio for review and approval, “ he explained.

The state gave its approval last fall.

“Dant Clayton is an excellent client and the whole process of the Edison project went very well”, Walton said. “We moved on to other projects, but seeing the updates online and the articles in the Herald-Star, I knew the building was being moved into the new stadium earlier this year.” he noted, adding that he ended up working on other area projects in Youngstown, Beaver Local and Gnadenhutten at Indian Valley High School.

“I was visiting my family during the Independence Day holidays and went to school and saw that the press box was in place, but I couldn’t look closely,” he said, commenting that he was looking forward to his return this month to not only catch a football game, but also to see all of Edison’s new facilities.

“I really love the kind of work that I do, and after all these years designing buildings anywhere from the Florida Keys to the arid parts of North Dakota, it was very satisfying to be a part of something. new and exciting thing in the ohio valley and to my alma mater nothing less ”, he commented. “All of the athletic fields look exceptional and are something the whole school district can be proud of for years to come.”

Edison Unified Sports Facilities is a project that includes a multipurpose field serving football, soccer and track and field. The fieldhouse located at the former Cartwright Memorial Stadium will offer a 1,500-seat gymnasium for sports and other festivities and is expected to open this winner. Baseball and softball fields, meanwhile, will be ready for the first field this spring.

While Walton will admire the new press gallery, he will probably also remember the old one.

Walton said he didn’t play high school football, but was a part-time football team manager and videographer from his sophomore year.

“I remember during the video recording of the matches that there was not enough room in the press box for the JU and the coaches of the visiting team, the scorer, the announcer and the journalists, so the videographers had to come out through a window to sit on this little perch on the roof of the lower level of the press gallery ”, he remembers.

Memories in the press box gave way to other memories of his days at the home of the JU Yellow Jackets.

“I just remember spending a lot of time at school” he said. “In addition to school during the day, I was one of the managers of the football team, a scorer for the baseball team and I played on the basketball team, so he there were also a lot of evenings spent on the school grounds. “ he said. “During my college years, I spent three summers working in high school helping the guards with the summer cleaning of the entire building. The custodians then were Bob McClelland, Andy Rohal, Russell Haynes, Mr. Charlie Brown, and after Bob’s retirement, John Bendle. They were a great bunch of guys ”, he remembered.

“Another JUHS graduate, Steve Clark, and I worked together one summer, and we had a great time,” Walton continued. “Once we had to trap a bat on the top floor of the old section and get it out of there. And he and I played a joke on poor Lori Burns, another summer worker. She was cleaning the lockers on the top floor, and when she took a break we wired a skeleton from Mr. Lawson’s classroom so that when she opened a locker it rocked, the bones clicking. , bumping back and forth, the nine yards, “ he said. “I remember the buildings were always well maintained, even though the old section was ‘old’. But there were times when students were sent home earlier when the school ran out of water because the tanker had not come to replenish the supply. “

Walton said he was no longer inside the school since he saw his brother, Dennis, who graduated from Edison South in 1990, play basketball there when he was a senior. Walton also has a sister, Amy, who graduated from JU in 1987.

While the interior of the school may not have changed much, the athletic fields have changed so much, according to Walton.

“The new facilities and grounds are just beautiful, and the aerial footage and drone footage is amazing.” Walton spoke of the major transformation he was eager to see.

The day Walton found out about the newspaper project, he posted an article about the Jefferson Union High School Friends group on Facebook.

“The post received a number of comments and likes” he said.

“It was cool to see so many familiar names and faces.”

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