Honda Expands CO-MINDER Availability to More Generators From: American Honda Motor Co.



Honda electrical equipment, a business unit of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., continues to deploy its CO-MINDER technology across its entire line of portable generators.

The company adds three models – the EG2800I Economy series unit, with EB2800I and EB6500 Industrial Series models – to those now available with the advanced carbon monoxide (CO) detection system designed to help protect users from injury or death from accidental CO poisoning. Previously, the the company announced the integration of the CO-MINDER system on its EU1000I, EU3000IS, EG4000 and EB10000 generators. Today, seven Honda CO-MINDER models are on sale nationwide, and by the end of this year all Honda portable generator models will feature CO-MINDER technology.

The Honda CO-MINDER system continuously measures carbon monoxide levels in the air near the generator and automatically shuts down the unit before the CO detected reaches an unsafe level. The technology also incorporates a fast-reacting sensor that continuously monitors carbon monoxide in the air near the generator. If the sensor detects a CO level equal to or greater than 800 parts per million (ppm) at any given time, or an average of 400 ppm for 10 minutes (according to the Portable Generators Manufacturers’ Association [PGMA] G300-2018), it triggers the automatic shutdown of the generator.

“The Honda CO-MINDER Carbon Monoxide Detection System exemplifies our corporate commitment to providing industry-leading safety products and features, and we are proud of our position as the industry’s first manufacturer committed to installing our devices. advanced CO detection on 100% of our portable generators. for commercial, residential and recreational applications, ”said Will Walton, vice president of Honda Power Equipment.

Positioned squarely for the budget-conscious consumer, Honda Economy Series generators offer a “no-frills” approach to standby power.

The Honda EG2800I model, a reliable power source for home backup and other portable power applications, is the perfect choice for running basic items such as refrigerator, freezer, furnace blower motor, multiple lights, microwaves and televisions during a power outage. The Open Frame Inverter (OFI) generator incorporates a number of advanced design features:

  • Powered by the Honda GC190 engine, the Honda EG2800I weighs less than 68 pounds dry and is equipped with a 30 amp / 120 volt outlet for easy connection to a home transfer switch. The Honda EG2800I provides a maximum of 2,800 watts of electricity with a waveform distortion factor of less than 5%; the generator is also equipped with an Eco accelerator which allows the generator to save fuel by varying the engine speed to the optimum level (taking into account the working load), thus improving fuel efficiency and optimizing the duration Operating. Plus, a large 2.1 gallon gas tank provides 5.2 hours of run time per fill-up of gasoline at rated load or 11.9 hours (E10) at ¼ load.

The Honda EB2800I The OFI model is suitable for light construction applications, providing the contractor market with reliable power for using multiple tools on the jobsite and more of what Honda customers expect: quiet operation, powerful performance. high quality, fuel economy and long run times in a lightweight, portable package. At a dry weight of less than 68 pounds, the EB2800I The portable generator is designed for the single worker, light enough for one person to load and unload from a truck, use and transport it around the job site, while providing sufficient power for a variety of tools, including small compressors, air circulation fans, large concrete drills, multi-hand tools, electric concrete vibrators, circular saws and battery chargers up to 2,800 watts. The Honda EB2800I, delivering a maximum of 2,800 watts of electricity with a waveform distortion factor of less than 5%, also complies with applicable OSHA regulations while ensuring safe operation with outlets protected by a leakage circuit breaker. earth (GFCI).

The Honda EB6500 generator provides 6500 watts (120/240 V) back-up power. Powered by Honda IA commercial grade GX390 overhead valve (OHV) engine and supported by a sturdy frame, the Honda EB6500 features the IAdvantage AVR Power, an exclusive Honda generator system that achieves a 50% reduction in voltage fluctuations compared to current AVR systems. For up to 10 seconds, the Honda IThe AVR allows power to be increased above the maximum rating to start high load applications.

The Honda EB6500 enjoys a long run time (up to 9.8 [E10] hours at 50% load) for extended working hours, and a special silencer achieves quiet sound levels of 64 dB (A) at 50% load and 67 dB (A) at rated load. In addition, the Honda EB6500 generator is equipped with a two-wheel kit and lifting hook and meets OSHA jobsite standards, meeting jobsite safety and emissions requirements. The model also includes GFCI technology, offering dual 20-amp GFCI outlets that protect a user from electric shock by closing the circuit when current flows along an unintentional path or ground fault.

Honda Power Equipment will introduce CO-MINDER technology to the rest of its generator line, including Honda Deluxe Series models, during the remainder of 2020.



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