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Made Music Studio, the global branding and sound design agency, today announced the launch of its Experience Design practice, a dedicated practice area focused on the creation and development of music and sound for physical spaces such as as themed attractions, transportation, corporate workspaces, retail, hospitality and more.

The new division will continue to rely heavily on Made Music’s proprietary research capabilities and award-winning branding and audio design expertise while developing innovative new ways to connect people to spaces through sound and music. Recent projects include sound design for the Virgin Hyperloop passenger experience, sound experience strategy for the Franklin Institute, transformation of AT&T’s Discovery District into an immersive public square, the first custom sound journeys designed for measurably improving the mood in workspaces, the American Express Centurion® lounge soundscape brand, and innovative audio design work for global retail and automotive clients. These projects incorporate custom music and sound design to tell a brand story or create a mood, transcending language to welcome and delight audiences and visitors from all walks of life.

“Now is the time to create new emotional connections outside the home that are meaningful and memorable to people. We know music and sound can be that transporter to distant lands (or just from your couch) creating a sense of wonder and inspiring repeat visits,” says Abigail Bysshe, Vice President of Experiences and Business Development at the Franklin Institute.

Made Music’s experience design practice will meet its clients’ growing need for new creative solutions to keep employees returning to offices, travelers to airports, customers to retail stores or guests to parks. theme.

“Twenty years ago we began our creative journey as a company recording stories for television. It wasn’t long before we wondered what it would be like to score everything beyond the screen. We became the pioneers of Sonic Branding, creating sound identities and logos for the world’s leading entertainment and general market brands.Today, with the official launch of our Experience Design practice, we are returning to our roots – creating long-lived stories and entertainment – to deepen and grow our mission to create iconic and enduring music and sound. We are all excited to double down and continue to explore all undiscovered and innovative possibilities,” shares Joel Beckerman, founder and composer of Made Music Studio.

We know that sound can provide both emotional and functional benefits to enhance the experience of a physical space. Made Music research shows an 86% correlation between an individual’s reaction to sound and their subconscious desire to return to that experience. While many visual or physical experiences are confined to environmental constraints, a change in music and sound can instantly impact the overall emotions of a space.

Made Music Studio also recently announced a partnership with Spatial, the immersive audio software platform, to create and deploy soundscapes for the workplace, retail and hospitality, fusing music and biophilia to dramatically enhance quantifiable concentration and reduce anxiety. They will be active together in March at SXSW Interactive at Spatial Holodeck, an immersive audio house sponsored by Spatial as the official festival partner.

About Made Music Studio

Founded by composer and producer Joel Beckerman, Made Music Studio is a branding and sound design company with over 20 years of history creating iconic and enduring musical experiences. Made Music Studio brings creative excellence, cultural connectedness, leadership in sound innovation, and extensive research and data on how sound affects emotions and behavior. A trusted partner for HBO, CBS, Hulu, Disney, AT&T, Frito-Lay, iRobot, Nissan, Virgin Hyperloop, AMEX; Made Music brings a legacy of collaboration with everyone from John Williams to John Legend, Meow Wolf to IDEO. Made Music Studio is Fast Co’s Most Innovative Company, EXPLOR Award and Promax Award recipient.

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