Oddinary wins the title of the best brand design agency in India, for the second time in a row


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The recent ‘The Design India Show’ awarded Oddinary the Best Brand Design Studio India Award as well as the Best Design India Project 2021 for the second time in a row, in recognition of its outstanding work in the field of packaging and design.

About this award, Vinay Thakker, Founder and CEO of Oddinary Brand Strategy and Design, said: labor standards. It is very encouraging for the team to see not only the companies with which we have partnered show their profitability, but also to see these projects recognized by a global jury. Design and packaging is a very important and often underused armor that 100% of a brand’s consumers are exposed to. “

Based in Mumbai, Oddinary has worked with over 70 brands, in over 24 countries, including key accounts such as Hershey’s, Kellogg’s, Flipkart, Unilever, Abbott, Marico, and more. Rendering services such as branding, branding, packaging and customer marketing. Oddinary has won many other prestigious awards across the globe, making it one of India’s true global design and creation agencies.

Launched in 2015, the “India’s Best Design Awards” are the first to recognize design studios for their professional work, business practices and transparency. They recognize agencies in several categories including best brand design, spatial design, graphic design, and digital design. The theme of the award this time around was “Unmute” and focused on how we return to a changed world. Vinay Thakker, CEO of Oddinary was also on the panel with other business and design leaders to discuss and present their views on “Unmuting” now.

About the ordinary

For over a decade now, Oddinary Brand Strategy and Design has cultivated a deeply rooted culture of thinking beyond the obvious and using a diversity of approaches that have helped it foster innovation for established businesses and start-ups. This ODDINARY approach is made possible by the eclectic team which includes not only people from the advertising community, but also entrepreneurs, brand managers, teachers, engineers, event managers, meditation coaches, musicians, etc. Oddinary’s services include Branding, Branding and Packaging, Customer Marketing, etc.

About Vinay Thakker, Founder & CEO – Weird Brand Strategy & Design

As Founder and CEO of Oddinary Brand Strategy and Design, Vinay has led the agency since 2009, making it one of India’s most award-winning and independent global design and creative agencies. Entrepreneur in mind, Vinay started his first business at the age of 16 and has been involved in several businesses since. Weird – his most successful business built on his vast experience managing brands at companies like Unilever and gave him a marketer’s take on what many agencies were missing. Vinay has incorporated this learning into the very DNA of his agency which, for more than a decade, has enabled brands to win the hearts of consumers and to wage war on global markets.

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