Ryde’s board angry at NSW government’s $ 100million transport swap proposal at Macquarie Park



The state government’s plans for a $ 100 million transportation swap in the rapidly growing Macquarie Park have been labeled as little more than a posh bus stop and a missed opportunity to rejuvenate an area dominated by cars.

Ryde’s advice is furious that two designs he proposed for the interchange and the enclosure upgrade were rejected by Transport for NSW, which is continuing its plans for the northern Sydney area.

Council wanted the project to incorporate major improvements to the center of Macquarie Park, including a public plaza where Herring Road meets Waterloo Road. This would have allowed a traffic-free pedestrian link between station entrances on opposite sides of Herring Road.

Transport for NSW conceptual plan for the bus interchange at Macquarie Park.Credit:Transport for NSW

Despite its protests, the council said it had been informed by Transport for NSW that the agency was pursuing plans to exclude a pedestrian plaza and would result in the installation of dedicated bus lanes on Herring Road.

Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale said the transport agency’s plans were “completely inadequate” for an area set to become the country’s fourth largest CBD by the end of the decade.

“It’s not a bus interchange – it’s just a fancy bus stop,” he said. “[It] is the only major CBD that does not have a public plaza providing pedestrian access to major public transport routes and a place for the community.

An artist's impressions of Ryde Council's concept plans for the Macquarie Park interchange and plaza.

An artist’s impressions of Ryde Council’s concept plans for the Macquarie Park interchange and plaza.Credit:Ryde’s tip

The plan was unveiled in a federal by-election for Bennelong’s seat in late 2017, with the Commonwealth committing $ 80 million and the state government $ 20 million. The first design work consisted of deciding whether part of the interchange should be built underground.

Cr Laxale said the two-government pledge was a unique opportunity to build a public square in the center of Macquarie Park.



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