Samsung Neo QLED TVs Are the First to Achieve Spatial Sound Optimization Certification


Samsung launched its first set of mini-LED TVs earlier this year under the Neo QLED brand. The televisions have received numerous accolades and certifications for their picture quality. Now Samsung has announced that Neo QLED TVs have become the first TVs in the world to receive VDE audio certification.

The Neo QLED TV range has received the Spatial Sound Optimization certification from the famous German testing company VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker). This means that TVs deliver a consistent audio experience regardless of the room they are placed in. It is well known that the sound from a TV can sound different in different rooms due to changes in the size of the room, objects placed in the room, and the texture of the walls. However, Samsung TVs can mitigate these variations by adjusting the audio profile according to the properties of the room.

Samsung’s new Neo QLED TVs come with a feature called SpaceFit Sound. It measures the dimensions and shape of the room using built-in microphones. Then, the feature automatically calibrates the audio to deliver a consistent sound experience no matter where the TV is placed in your home. Whether the Neo QLED TV is placed close to the wall or in the center of the room, it can adjust bass, treble and vocals to deliver a cohesive audio experience.

The South Korean TV giant has focused a lot on delivering an enhanced audio experience with its premium TVs. Even the cheapest Neo QLED TV (55-inch QN85A – $ 4,099) has a 2.2.2 channel audio system with 60 W of audio. Neo QLED TVs also come with features like SpaceFit Sound, Q-Symphony, Object Tracking Sound and Active Voice Amplifier to further improve audio quality.

VDE’s Spatial Sound Optimization certification is awarded to televisions and audio products that deliver a consistent audio experience. Younghun Choi, executive vice president and head of the Visual Display Business R&D team at Samsung Electronics, said: “SpaceFit Sound optimizes the sound of content by analyzing the user’s environment. What we want is for our customers to just enjoy their TVs without any problems.

Samsung Neo QLED VDE TV Spatial Sound Optimization Certificate


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