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Poster for the exhibition “Steven Holl: Making Architecture” featuring the watercolor by Steven Holl for the Ostrava concert hall. Image: Steven Holl Architects

Traveling exhibition by Steven Holl Architects, Steven Holl: Doing Architecture, opened at the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Poland. This is the first place to welcome the showcase in Europe, the ninth stage of the exhibition route.

The exhibition opened on June 11, exclusively via an online broadcast and open to the public the next day. Steven Holl: Doing Architecture explores Holl’s complex and distinctive creative process of doing architecture through eleven projects, featuring a collection of around one hundred models, sketches, and other related studies. The exhibition highlights the rapidly changing pace of architecture, particularly the way ideas are formed and visualized as manual tasks fade away in favor of digital approaches. Steven Holl’s design approach that he uses to challenge the digitalization trend, which includes watercolor painting at every stage of a building’s construction, is highlighted.

View of the exhibition at the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, Poland. Photo: Museum of Architecture, Wrocław

As stated on the website of the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, “The increasing sophistication of computer programs is undoubtedly making things easier for architects, but the elimination of manual tasks in the creation of architecture changes the final appearance and the behavior of a building, and can even affect the feelings of its inhabitants. The connection between the hand and the mind, as opposed to the computer, allows for subtleties and nuances of colors, materials, light and space.

The exhibition has been expanded to include new concept drawings and a large model of the Ostrava Concert Hall in Ostrava, Czech Republic, which is currently under design and is expected to begin construction in 2023.

Cutaway model of the Ostrava concert hall by Steven Holl Architects. Photo: Steven Holl Architects

The Wrocław Architectural Museum was founded in 1965 and is the only museum in Poland entirely devoted to the history of architecture and contemporary architecture. It includes 15th century post-Bernadine buildings. Steven Holl: Doing Architecture is visible in the nave of the Church of St. Bernadina in Siena. This is the first exhibition opened at the museum since the restrictions related to the pandemic were relaxed.

The exhibition presented at the Dorsky Museum. Photo: Paul Warchol

The showcase is visible until August 22, 2021, from where it will then move to the House of Arts in Ostrava in early September. The exhibition is curated by the Steven Myron Holl Foundation and curated by Nina Stritzler-Levine. He was born in 2018 at the Samuel Dorsky Museum in New Paltz, New York.


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