Tamworth chosen as one of 68 locations to receive advice and support from the High Streets Task Force


Tamworth has been chosen as one of 68 local authorities to receive a package of expert advice and support from the High Streets Task Force.

As a result, Tamworth will be able to highlight its high street and town center to receive support to address local challenges and develop strategies to bring about positive change in the town.

Appointed in 2019 by the government, the task force team will provide expert advice and training as they work directly with local government and facilitate engagement with communities and civil societies.

Tamworth is expected to start receiving this support from this summer, and experts from the High Streets Task Force will travel to consult and work not only with Tamworth Borough Council, but also with local businesses and community groups, to free up the true potential of the city.

In order to provide as much support as possible, regional indicators of deprivation and inequality were analyzed and the effect of coronavirus on high streets was taken into consideration.

Help from the High Streets Task Force has already enabled a further 84 local authorities to respond to the impact of Covid-19, supported across England and empowered with further online sources.

The first part of the support will involve a diagnostic visit from the task force team to identify Tamworth’s needs. They will then be able to prescribe follow-up products and services related to relevant expertise and strategies, for example place branding, vision, governance or spatial design.

Follow-on products and services consist of up to four days of expert consultancy time, mentoring when needed to build local relationships, and specific workshops to support the development of a business. places or a local vision. That said, Tamworth will be able to access attendance data and online training courses on using location and sentiment data.

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Institute of Place Management leads the High Streets Task Force and has appointed 150 independent experts from the professional bodies Design Council, Landscape Institute, Institute of Place Management and Royal Town Planning Institute to work with Tamworth, bringing their view of the city. centers and how to build the capacity for change.

Cllr Martin Summers, Cabinet Member for Voluntary Sector, Town Centre, Evening Economy and Community Safety, said: ‘We are delighted that Tamworth has been selected as one of many towns to receive the support from the High Streets Task Force. Now is a great time to get involved as there is a lot going on in the town, we have many projects we are working on to transform Tamworth, and we are delighted to receive this additional support.

“All the pieces are falling into place to bring real, meaningful change to Tamworth and this is just the next step in investing in our town and making it an attractive place to visit.”

Visits to each of these newly selected areas will continue until mid-2024.

Visit https://transforming.tamworth.gov.uk/ to find out more about all the work being done to support and regenerate Tamworth’s high street.


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