The Bonita Art Center will host the traveling exhibition “Nature’s Blueprints”


Three of a Kind by Patrick Dougherty, Private Residence in Nebraska, 2013; digital photography. ROGER BRUHN / COURTESY OF KAREN AND ROBERT DUNCAN

In a time of complex environmental challenges, why not turn to nature’s ingenuity to find solutions? Shapes, patterns and processes found in the natural world – refined by 3.8 billion years of evolution – can inspire our design of everything from clothing to skyscrapers. This approach to innovation, called biomimicry, is becoming increasingly popular.

‘Nature’s Blueprints: Biomimicry in Art and Design’ exhibition unites art and design with environmental science using artifacts, artwork, photography, film and stations interactive learning. The exhibit shows from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, September 2 through October 2. 20, at the Visual Arts Center, 26100 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs. Free entry.

Biomimicry is not a new idea; Both Gaudi and Da Vinci were inspired by nature. Modern science and technology, however, are rapidly expanding the types of materials and systems we can create. Bird wings. Spiderweb. Rainbow trout. These have inspired design improvements that allow for faster travel, safer bridges, and more efficient wind turbines. Similarly, biomimicry in art is a process that involves exploring the material properties, cycles and dynamics of nature, and the way entire biological systems are structured – and incorporating them into works of art. art. Artworks and designs rooted in the laws and forms of nature can address pressing issues, such as conservation, sustainability, and environmental justice. They can also spark interest and connection with nature.

The exhibition encourages debate among audiences of all backgrounds, because our understanding of the natural world can lead to extraordinary creations that improve lives and reduce our impact on the environment – nature is amazing, we can learn from it and we we can all be inventors. “Nature’s Blueprints: Biomimicry in Art and Design” is adapted from the High Desert Museum’s “Innovation Lab: Design Inspired by Nature”, and is produced and presented by Exhibits USA, a program of Mid-America Arts Alliance.

Alongside the exhibition, the Visual Arts Center is offering free family activities from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday September 3 and Saturday October 1. Every month, the community is invited to participate in new exhibitions. – related artistic activities that the whole family can enjoy. ¦


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