The future looks bright for the Concordia Institute of Aerospace Design and Innovation


Integrate experts beyond engineering

Paraschivoiu recognizes that the future of aerospace also requires collaboration with disciplines outside the field. He hopes to find researchers at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business and the Faculty of Arts and Science who are willing to work with CIADI to establish partnerships with industry.

“Sustainable aerospace is where the industry is really focusing,” he says. “There is knowledge in areas other than engineering that we need to identify and bring together to move this area of ​​research forward.”

As aerospace moves towards more sustainable practices, an interdisciplinary approach will ensure a greener future in the field. From geography to chemistry to cybersecurity, CIADI wants to further facilitate research in these areas to complement its commitment to sustainability.

Train the aerospace industry

Beyond supporting Concordia students and researchers, CIADI’s vision is to provide continuing education to working professionals.

Carole El Ayoubi, director of education at CIADI, plans to roll out micro-programs for industry employees. These will be linked to topics such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and introductory courses on the specific knowledge needed for professional development.

“The aerospace field has been transformative over the past 100 years,” adds Paraschivoiu. “But there is a need to expand the existing knowledge base as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence become more critical.”

Concordia experts will offer courses to the industry in the fall term of 2023.

A brief history of CIADI

Created in 2001, CIADI is a coordinated umbrella platform that promotes and supports excellence in aerospace research and education at Concordia. It was previously headed by Christian Moreau, who helped build CIADI’s reputation in the commercial market.

CIADI supports various research streams, including:

  • Intelligent design, manufacturing and maintenance
  • System design optimization and propulsion
  • Advanced materials and structures
  • Aeronautical management, mobility and autonomy

Faculty, students, alumni and industry partners will come together to celebrate CIADI’s landmark anniversary on November 17.

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