The Spice Girls herald the Spiceworld25 era


Amid these rumors the Spice Girls could be a good bet for Glastonbury 2023 (Melanie C has a “good feeling” it could happen one day), the group teased the 25th anniversary celebrations of their Spiceworld album.

As November 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Mel C, Mel B, Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham’s sophomore album, the girls have already hinted that a “Spiceworld25” release could be on the way.

As they unveiled a whimsical 360 Wannabe lyric video in honor of the first single’s 26th anniversary earlier this week, the Spice Girls teased, “#ByeSpice25 #HiSpiceworld25.”

And now the girls’ official site has been updated with Spiceworld25 branding and an all-new version of that iconic globe from 1997.

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Last year the band marked 25 years since the release of debut album Spice with the release of Spice25; a repackaged album with rare demos, an unreleased track Feed My Love, remastered Spatial Audio recordings and some shiny new formats to boot.

So what could this mean for a possible Spiceworld25?

Check out everything the Spice Girls’ Spiceworld25 might entail below.

Spiceworld25 release date:

Spiceworld was originally released in the UK on November 1, 1997. Could that mean we can expect a re-release around the same time?

Spiceworld25 tracklisting – will we get Step To Me? :

Below is Spiceworld’s original UK tracklist. Note that the Japanese release actually included the Pepsi girls promotional track Step To Me; once a staple of live girl shows and a true fan favorite.

Although Step To Me is actually a track from the Spice sessions, we have everything crossover, it could make an appearance on the re-release and be released digitally for the first time. Pretty please?

There’s also a rumored Morales Remix single Never Give Up on the Good Times that we’d like to see on repackaging.

1. Spice up your life

2. Stop

3. Too much

4. Saturday Night Divas

5. Never give up on the good times

6. Get moving

7. Do it

8. Denying

9. Live Forever

10. Lady is a Vampire

The album could also include Spiceworld-era B-sides, Outer Space Girls, London love song Walk of Life or – perhaps – Spice Invaders. Oh.

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Spiceworld25 formats: will we get new vinyl, CDs and cassettes?

If a Spiceworld25 release does occur, one could perhaps expect formats similar to those available during the band’s Spice25 campaign. As the girls celebrated the anniversary of their debut last year, they released bundles including individual colored vinyl for each member, cassette tapes, an all-new digital package, and a special edition zoetrope vinyl.

Will Spiceworld: The Movie get a 25th anniversary re-release?

It’s not yet known if the 1997 girl-on-girl movie of the same name will get an anniversary release. It was last celebrated with a 10th anniversary DVD edition in 2007, but we’re eagerly awaiting a new release with behind-the-scenes elements.

That’s about all we know so far, folks. More information on Spiceworld25 as soon as we have it – we’ll do some more research.

Hai si ja, hold on!

Item image: Shutterstock/Spice Girls.


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