The Waters adds 73 hospitality sites to Pike Road


The Waters in Pike Road adds residential sites, bringing the development of an overall design closer to around 900 homes.

“Dawson Creek Plat 3 is a beautiful slice of heaven that will feature 73 hospitality sites designed to appeal to all ages and all walks of life,” said real estate agent Jessica Powell, Marketing Director for The Waters. “Are you looking for the perfect view? There will be a wide variety of views from the lakefront to the park, from small lots to large lots. ”

At least 521 homes are occupied in the eastern Montgomery County community and 32 homes are currently under construction, Powell said. There are 618 developed residential lots at The Waters.

“New homeowners are moving in every week,” said Powell, adding that 27 new homes have been sold in the past year and six additional new homes are nearing completion and will be available before the end of 2021. “In In addition, there are 14 custom homes under construction, some by the lake, some by the park, and others scattered throughout the community. ”

Powell said The Waters designs call for around 900 homes and several new hamlets are planned.

She says The Waters lifestyle and a location in the town of Pike Road are the defining factors that attract home buyers.

“I think the initial draw is Pike Road. So many shoppers are looking for that small town feel with the convenience of shopping and dining nearby… and then they discover The Waters, ”said Powell. “It’s hard not to be drawn to the natural beauty and classic architecture of the south as you walk through the community. The Waters recreates a place where neighbors share more than lot lines. They share an enduring sense of community, where sidewalks and porches frame the streets. And the whole neighborhood is your home.

Pike Road Elementary School adjoins The Waters and adds to the appeal of community life as well as nearby developments.

Powell said that the fact that the entire neighborhood is accessible by foot, golf cart, or bicycle is a huge plus. More than 60% of the community is dedicated to parks, lakes and green spaces, she said.

“One of the most important things that I have personally discovered and heard from many neighbors is that you don’t really realize how much this lifestyle will change your life once you you will be here, ”said Powell. “Being surrounded by so many green spaces, amenities and outdoor activities on a daily basis makes life feel like an everyday vacation. Daily stress literally vanishes. The past year has proven how important it is to love where you live inside and out.

In addition to the construction of new homes, The Waters Town Center will add a new restaurant. “We are delighted to welcome NYC GYRO to our downtown area over the next several months,” said Powell, adding that the site will be the fourth location for NYC GYRO.

Currently, the city center is home to eight businesses and land has been reserved for other businesses. “There are a few commercial lots available next to the city center as well as two larger commercial lots near the entrance to the neighborhood on Marler Road. As Pike Road and Marler Road continue to grow and prosper, these areas will be carefully developed in accordance with The Waters’ architectural standards, ”said Powell.

Buyers can customize homes by choosing an existing plan or designing their own from scratch. Potential buyers can visit The Waters through our New Waters Realty New Home team, who are on-site from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily, Powell said. Potential buyers can call 334-272-3200 to schedule a viewing or visit Pike Road New Homes & Real Estate | The Waters at Pike Road (

“The Waters has more amenities than any other community in the River area and is home to Montgomery County’s largest lake, 200-acre Cameron Lake,” Powell said.

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