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After months of conceptualization and planning, art and design college seniors receive a first look at the ins and outs of being a working artist through their signature exhibitions.

The exhibits “Composite,” which runs Nov. 7-10, and “Witness Actuality,” which runs Nov. 14-17, will be on view at the Charles W. and Norma C. Carroll Gallery in downtown Huntington. Each exhibition brings together the work of potters, sculptors, painters and graphic designers.

Until 2020, students preparing for their fine arts degree would only spend one semester preparing for a final performance. Now, students have two semesters to divide up the work in the hopes that they will benefit from greater involvement in the total process of producing a body of work and promoting an exhibition, according to the professor. Sandra Reed.

“The two-semester capstone is much more focused on the maturing of the artist and follows an intellectual thread over a year rather than a semester,” Reed said. “As amazing as the semester-long flagship exhibitions were, they really didn’t recognize that art takes time. Part of the process is not only getting the project started, but also taking the time to regroup and go in different directions.

By having more time in their program, students not only have more time to develop their work, but they can also practice promoting their show and preparing for their artist talks.

According to Jamie Platt, director of the art and design gallery, these exhibitions are both a milestone in the artists’ work as students and a starting point for their future as working artists.

“The main cornerstone exhibits sit on the line between being a student and everything that awaits us in a professional career for an artist,” Platt said.


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