Trump employees “depressed” not being able to find jobs after Capitol riots, Twitter applauds


Call us a river. In the wake of the insurrection at the Capitol Last week, New York Times political reporter Elaina Plott said that “a White House official tells me that people in the West Wing today are” depressed “and those who have no jobs already pending fear they will not be employable “.

So let’s be clear: you signed up to work for the most abominable president in history from the United States, he’s inciting imbalanced maniacs to storm the Capitol on the day the Electoral College votes were to be certified by Congress, and now you’re crying in your venti, soy milk, extra hot, no latte foam that it could have been a bad career development? Give us a break. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is struggling to make ends meet amid record unemployment during a pandemic your boss missed.

Fortunately, Twitter was there to put these self-pitying assholes in their place. Check out some of these clapbacks.

That the deplorable find themselves without a job is as close to poetic justice as this administration is going to obtain. Take advantage of your unemployment!


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