Valuart presents HADEM, an immersive creativity-fueled metaverse that houses art, design, and entertainment within the multiverse


Today’s entertainment technologies tout their ability to grab attention, but actually make viewers more passive than active. But the truth is that people want to feel things. More than anything, they want to have a dedicated space to celebrate creativity, with an active role in the vision they support.

On April 21thValuart inaugurated MetaVanity as part of the Arte Biennial 2022, “The Milk of Dreams”. “MetaVanity is Hadem’s first chapter in what we are certain will be our dimension as a team, company and creative intellectual ecosystem”, comments Etan GeniniCEO and co-founder of Valuart.

MetaVanity, inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, is distinguished by its large central space, open dome, and 12 exhibition halls, each showcasing the works of art by today’s most extraordinary minds within the digital art scene. Here, visitors can move freely and enjoy the art at their own pace.

The artists who gave life to this first chapter are: Max Papeschi, Emanuele DascanioQuasimondo, Matt Kane, Skygolpe, cold, Jesse Draxler, Federico ClapisEdo Bertoglio, Mimmo Dabbrescia, neurocolor, billis, Fabio GiampietroVils, Kyle Kemink, Luna IkutaDangiuz, Gammatraceand Stefano Contiero.

HADEM is programmed on Unreal Engine 4, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, and available through Free download of the HADEM application, available on Desktop (the Windows) and mobiles (android & iOS).

Key features include:

– Customization of avatars: skins and items for avatar customization.

– 3D immersive environments: a world dedicated to each experience.

– Val IA support: AI support to learn more about the platform and its features.

– Limbo tool: hub to view settings, skins, recorded events.

All topped off with a dense roadmap that foresees exciting new rooms and skins to collect and multiplayer functionality in Q2 2023.

For more information, explore:
– Our website.
– Our press kit

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