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After pushing back all the comers and blowing us away with the Gambit controller last week, we donned the Victrix Gambit wireless headset to see if it was time to repaint the front room in purple and black.

With many wireless headsets on the market, the Victrix Gambit Wireless Headphones are a highly competitive Gambit Controller partner and are looking to offer a package that can help gamers relax on the couch or step into the trenches while on the go. a competitive tournament. Costing $ 129.9 or the local equivalent and on sale now, this audio option is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S | X, Xbox One and is PC compatible too. With two distinct variations on offer, we’ve got our hands on the PlayStation-compatible iteration of these cans to dive back into the hustle and bustle of Nigh City and find out if that helps us aim better.

Out of the box

Coming wrapped in secure cardboard packaging and packaged in a molded cardboard tray, the Victrix gambit is not particularly difficult to pick up. While I can happily live without the separate plastic sleeves for the headphones, cables, and receiver, this PDP brand has at least progressed far beyond plastic trays and cable ties to keep things spotless. While unboxing is undoubtedly set to easy mode, the Victrix Gambit Wireless Headphones without the packaging look like an accomplished pro. Dressed in the same black and purple two-tone scheme that wowed me on the Gambit controller, the Victrix Gambit wireless headphones are equally striking. The construction consists of a thick matte black core that extends all around the outside of the ears. The oval ear cups are elegantly rounded with a glossy Victrix X logo which is obvious without being too loud. The only other mark that can be easily located comes in the form of a similar headband logo and a purple fabric cover inside the ear cups, again showing a version of the same Victrix logo. To add a pop of color, purple accents threaded through exposed wiring, detachable 3.5mm jack, and plush padding tie together to make the Victrix Gambit wireless headphones look a bit more mature than a low budget PlayStation purchase.

Despite choosing to rely on plastics for this piece, the build quality, mix of subtle highlights, and color palette already make it a winning choice for someone who doesn’t need distractions when it comes to life. he is busy taking photos with his head.


Style – Over-Ear
Clampforce headband – 550 +/- 50gf
Speaker size – 50 mm
Speaker frequency – 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Nominal Impedance – 32 per speaker
Connection type – Wireless USB dongle / 3.5mm inline cable for wired
Battery life – 16+ hours
Battery Type – Rechargeable 900mAh Li-ion Polymer
Cable Length – 6.5ft / 2m

Microphone type – 6.0mm two-way noise-canceling microphone
Microphone frequency response – 100 Hz – 10 kHz
Microphone sensitivity – 45 ± 3dB
Microphone signal-to-noise ratio – ≥60dB


When putting on the Victrix Gambit for the first time, it is immediately obvious that no distractions will be tolerated during the competition. The Gambit headset features a defined grip around the ears and plenty of memory foam padding to protect you from the rest of the world and prevent earaches. The top is also padded with a generous amount of memory foam, and the full shape is suitable for those who might have larger heads, thanks to a lightweight plastic shell. While a full plastic core doesn’t always give the impression of strength, a subtle balance of control and comfort is achieved here and the 300 or so gambit headset ranges sit well for hours at a time.

victrix gambit helmet 3

To install

The Victrix Gambit headset’s initial audio setup and options are as simple as its console-compatible branding might suggest. With a plug-in USB A wireless transmitter and a power switch tucked into the left ear, the Gambit headset is up and running in no time. The volume is adjustable using an easily accessible dial decorating the exterior of the right ear cup, while many of the more advanced features that a PlayStation 5 can accommodate, such as 3D audio, are configured through console. This means the Victrix Gambit wireless headset is a plug-in part, whether it’s wireless or plugged in using the 3.5mm connection.

When wireless isn’t responsive enough or you need to meet the demands of a tournament, Vicrix provides a 3.5mm braided cable with satisfactory security. It’s a striking visual addition to the Victirx and an addition that feels like a deliberate alternative, rather than a disposable piece of plastic. It doesn’t make a significant difference in performance, but adds inline volume control when you don’t want to travel far for approaching steps, or if the battery has finally given up.

Battery and wireless range

However, it will likely be a long raid before this helmet runs out of power. Victrix rates the Gambit for over 16 hours of playtime, and we can easily believe it handles that outside of the lab. We don’t tend to try headsets here using artificial use cases, but rather in a real situation. After things passed 14.5 hours and the bag of meat between the cans collapsed, we left our first battery test out of the box confident it will outlast your enemies. If you can hang beyond that window, there’s always the 2m wired option.

If distance is more important than time when aiming in the Apex arena, the Victrix Gambit wireless headset manages to maintain the connection for 10 meters, through a room wall, a front door and along the garden path as we ventured out onto the sidewalk just to disconnect it. This easily managed to keep the noise out everywhere inside and put us in the middle of the battlefield, even across the room. Much of this immersive action relies on the solid sound reproduction and spatial soundstage of the Victrix Gambit wireless headphones. The 50mm drivers wrapped in this headset manage to channel a lot of power and you should expect to be blown away by the impact of this audio option.

The Victrix Gambit wireless headset handles truly impressive performance. As you wade through the docks at the base of Babylon’s Fall or walk through Night City, the separation of sound and individual audio queues is done with excellent clarity. Background conversations are easily discernible beyond the whistle of a radio while calls from locals never fail to mute a game’s soundtrack. If you expect a headset that will throw you into the trenches and will blow your senses away, so hit buy now. The Victrix gambit is able to be heard but remains precise when needed with immediate response and a solid virtual soundscape when immersed in 3D audio.

However, problems always arise when precision meets volume. The Victrix Gambit wireless headset is set to be particularly serious, as are many gaming-oriented headsets. When the first mortar lands or a mechanized monster slams on the screen, audio separation and spatial awareness cannot count. nothing, as the powerful 50mm drivers overwhelm the rest of the soundscape. The dynamic response is actually very solid and doesn’t delve into nonsense, but loud low level noises may not be to your liking and will suit Forza, Battlefield, or rock night better than a considered sniper sim. .


the microphone, like the rest of the gambit, is all about real reproduction. The blurb on the box states that this microphone uses a two-way noise-canceling microphone that was originally created for the Cobra Attack Helicopter. The working end of this addition is permanently attached to the rest of this build and wrapped in a flexible arm. While the boom arm’s flexible silicone sleeve seems at odds with the rest of the outer shell, this input option still handles generally acceptable clarity, in ear monitoring, and will flip over if you wish to use something. more expensive thing.

When the raid is over or the competition is won, the Victrix Gambit is a great performer in the right situation. In immersive RPGs filled with neo-punks or tough competitive scenarios, this headset wins out with force and while the powerful bass response is sure to herald your presence in line shooters. Outside of the box, the Victrix Gambit has handled impressive battery life, excellent comfort levels, and excellent sound production all around. While I’m not a fan of the molded plastic shell, silicone microphone sheath, or dated micro USB charging cable, the Victrix Gambit wireless headset is more than capable of knocking down Sony’s official alternative of its pedestal. Learn more about the Victrix Gambit wireless headset on the official website.


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