We visit the minimalist Surrey home designed by Alexander Martin


The Surrey House Offers A Minimalist Approach To The Arts & Crafts Aesthetic

This Surrey home designed by Alexander Martin Architects bridges modern minimalism with the historic architecture of its Arts & Crafts built environment

A new Surrey home in Claygate draws inspiration from its surrounding Arts & Crafts built environment, in Alexander Martin Architects’ latest project. The design of the house replaces a smaller 1920s structure set in a generous site and offers an abstract reinterpretation of the Arts & Crafts aesthetic. The result is a warm and contemporary home that bridges a historic approach and the minimalist architectural styles of the 21st century.

Doing something different was a requirement from the start of this commission – as was the commitment to create a functional home suitable for daily family life. “Our client made it clear from the start that he didn’t want an ordinary house and was ready to do something daring in the suburbs,” says founder of the London architecture studio, Alexander Martin. “However, the design and materials have all been carefully orchestrated to create a series of spaces that best meet the needs of the family while maintaining an elegant appearance.”

The materials chosen for the architectural composition correspond to the clean, uncluttered aesthetic sought by the design team. But they are also simple materials, robust, resistant and not too precious. Concrete floors, a blackened steel staircase, and black veneer joinery create a minimalist monochrome palette.

Meanwhile, the use of pre-fabricated and convenient to install structurally insulated CLT panels allowed minimal time to be spent on on-site construction. This resulted in minimal waste and disruption to neighbors during construction. An air source heat pump contributes to sustainable heating.

In a relatively typical layout, the ground floor contains an array of generous living spaces, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are located upstairs. The whole thing is wrapped in a shell of light buff brick arranged in two sloping volumes connected by a smaller flat roof section. While the outline nods to the shapes of the surrounding houses, the color and detail clearly mark the property as a 21st century construction – a construction that is comfortable in its residential setting, while still flourishing. in his confident and contemporary attitude. §


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