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Ahmedabad: Covid cases are at an all-time low, and life is back on the path to normalcy – or is it? Has the pandemic had an impact on individuals and society in general? What was it like when there was no linear time, no one to touch, or when reality as we know it seemed to have changed?
These were some of the themes chosen by the scenography students of the National Institute of Design (NID) for their installation space of 2X2 meters. Appointed with[out], the exhibitions spoke of “the absence of…” different concepts ranging from reality to time to sound to transparency.
Students used props ranging from styrofoam blocks and wooden wheels and bricks to alarm clocks to convey life during the pandemic. The course was guided by Jonak Das, Aayushi Agarwal and Aishwarya Edakhe.
Shivani Sankar, one of the students, explored the theme of the absence of context. His exhibit had a giant “OK” interspersed with a myriad of meanings. “I was inspired by the discussions we had with friends and relatives, when we barely had a full understanding of what they meant with those words,” she said. “An ‘OK’ in a chat can have so many connotations. During the pandemic, we understood that we communicate not only with words, but also with our body language and the tone of our speech. ”
Another student’s project, Vrushali Mehta, was about the absence of free will. “The idea arose from my personal experience and my training in philosophy. Many have started to wonder if there is free will, ”she said. “… if the situation could have turned out differently, if they could have reacted to the events in a more meaningful way.” She added: “My exhibit had a man on invisible strings, which may or may not be seen depending on the lighting.”
Students such as Harshi Lal and Avani Samaga have used games as a mode of engagement on choice and reality respectively.



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