Work on Nicosia’s ‘trade triangle’ will see some roads closed over the next four months


By Stefanos Messios

The Municipality of Nicosia announced on Wednesday that due to continued work on the commercial triangle connecting Makarios Avenue, Stasikratos and Evagoras Phase B, the section of Annis Komninis Street between Makarios Avenue and Stasandrou Street will remain closed. in circulation for about four months.

At the same time, Iras Street will be temporarily converted from a one-way to a two-way street to help reduce congestion.

The junction of Makarios Avenue and Bouboulinas Street will also be sealed off for the installation of new sidewalks. Pedestrian access will remain free.

“This project has become an absolute priority of the development strategy of the Municipality of Nicosia, their objective being to make the urban shopping center of the capital more competitive, attractive and at the same time human and respectful of the environment”, indicates a communicated.

The project adopted a high criterion of sustainable town planning with the aim of updating the functionality and aesthetics of the urban center with a new coat of paint, the installation of street furniture and lighting.

He also hopes to increase foot traffic and make the center more accessible to people with disabilities by creating larger and uniform sidewalks, in the hope of eliminating the unevenness between private and public sidewalks and the road. There will also be an addition of small squares for outdoor activities and the integration of aquatic elements.

In addition, there will be an increase in the shade available with the planting of large mature trees and the application of bioclimatic design principles, while increasing the hours during which pedestrians can move comfortably, by installing a holistic system ” intelligent city ”which will belong to the Municipality and improvement of all public services while moving them underground.

Aesthetically and functionally, a unique space will be created, an exterior “shopping center”.

The project implements the provisions / actions of the Nicosia Integrated Mobility Plan and the Central Nicosia Area Plan to promote sustainable transport, improve sustainable mobility in the urban area of ​​Nicosia and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


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